Aromatic plants that thrive in the shade: our top 5 for you!


If you have a dark balcony or terrace, you’re not doomed to be able to grow only plants that love the sun.

There are several plants aromatic plants that grow well in the shade and are very easy to care for.

In this article, we share with you tips for growing plants aromatic plants in the shade to enjoy their flavors in your dishes.

What are aromatic plants?

A aromatic plant is a plant whose leaves, stems and flowers contain essential oils that release pleasant scents.

They are often used for their intense and unique taste and fragrance, when used in cooking, in natural medicine or simply as decorative elements in your garden.

Aromatic plants are also known for their beneficial effects on your health, as they possess antiseptic, digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Advantages of growing aromatic plants in the shade

Growing aromatic plants in the shade can be very advantageous. In fact, most aromatic plants are known for their delicate fragrances and flavors, which are best preserved in a shady environment.

So, by growing these species in the shade, it is possible to preserve their original taste and smell. What’s more, the plants that grow in the shade tend to be more resistant to pests and disease.

They also have better drought tolerance and are less prone to damage from UV rays.

Another reason why it can be advantageous to grow herbs in the shade is that it can reduce production costs. Indeed, shaded plants do not need as much water and fertilizers as those grown in full sun.

Our top 5 best aromatic plants to grow in the shade

Aromatic plants are an excellent idea for enhancing your garden in the shade. They’re very easy to care for and provide a delicious aroma that enriches your meals. Here are our top 5 best aromatic plants to grow in the shade.

  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Mint
  • Thyme
  • Chives
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All these aromatic herbs can be grown in pots or directly in the ground, but they are best suited to shady areas. They’re perfect for adding color and fragrance to your garden. In fact, they are very hardy and can even grow in dark places.

Tips for growing aromatic plants in the shade

Shade-grown aromatic plants require specific care if they are to grow properly and produce their best fruit. First of all, the soil must be rich in organic matter and slightly acidic so that the plant can thrive.

It’s also important to provide regular, abundant watering, as shade-grown aromatic plants need plenty of moisture, but not too much.

In addition, it’s important to clean up weeds and remove them from the garden to avoid any competition between them and the aromatic plants. Once a year, the soil should be enriched with compost or fertilizer to provide the plants with the nutrients they need.

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Regular pruning is also necessary to stimulate plant growth and health.

You can also protect your garden with reflective materials such as tarpaulins, solar panels or shade cloths to limit the amount of sunlight reaching your plants.

Finally, if you notice that certain plants are not in good health, or if you notice that they are infested by insects, you should use targeted organic products to limit any spread.

Aromatic plants and shade are two elements which, together, can form an association combination. By following these tips, you can grow aromatic plants in the shade. You can then enjoy delicious herbs and aromas in your garden!

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