Meet Our Team

Welcome to the heart and soul of Five Star Magazine—meet the brilliant minds shaping our narrative. Our team is a diverse blend of visionaries, each contributing a unique touch to the tapestry of knowledge and inspiration we weave. From directors to authors, every individual is a storyteller in their own right, committed to delivering content that enlightens and enriches. Join us as we introduce you to the dynamic personalities driving the essence of Five Star Magazine. Explore the passions, expertise, and creativity that fuel our collective pursuit of excellence. This is the team that transforms ideas into engaging articles, making Five Star Magazine your go-to source for captivating content.

Spencer Brennan


Meet Spencer, the creative force steering Five Star Magazine. As the director and author, Spencer blends editorial finesse with a knack for storytelling. Join Spencer on a journey of discovery and inspiration through the diverse pages of Five Star Magazine.

Lauren Mistry


Meet Lauren, the creative mind shaping the Garden and Home sections at Five Star Magazine. As a dedicated writer, Lauren brings horticultural expertise and a passion for home aesthetics to each article. Join Lauren on a journey to cultivate vibrant gardens and create a harmonious living space with her insightful tips and inspirations.