Exceptional astral event on February 28, 2024: Influence on love of astrological signs under the Moon and Spica

Événement astral exceptionnel le 28 février 2024 : Influence sur l'amour des signes astrologiques sous la Lune et Spica

In the eternal ballet of the stars, the dance of the Moon and Spica, the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, promises us a special day. February 28, 2024.

This celestial movement could well resonate in the realm of love for two astrological signs in particular.

The influence of these two celestial bodies could well trigger deep emotions, unexpected encounters or major realizations.

The cosmos is about to write a new love score, and it’s up to you to discover its melody.

Virgo: the sign that welcomes Spica

Natives of the sign of Virgowhich welcome the luminous star Spica into their constellation, are particularly touched by this celestial dance.

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Spica’s influence on Virgo has a tendency to accentuate her sense of detailhis lucidity and a certain modesty.

The presence of the Moon, symbol of emotions and sensitivity, could soften these character traits and offer Virgos a day filled with gentleness and openness. From unexpected encounters could occur, allowing major realizations about their deepest desires and their way of loving.

Cancer : The sign ruled by the Moon

The sign of Cancerdirectly ruled by the Moon, will not be outdone in this astral ballet. The presence of the star Spica could well intensify emotions making them more open and receptive to their surroundings.

Loving exchanges will be marked by an unsuspected depth of emotion, creating moments charged with intensity and sincerity. Natives of this sign may also experience events that will make them more open and receptive to their surroundings. will deeply mark their heartstransforming them in a lasting way.

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The influence of the Moon and Spica promises a day rich in emotions and transformations for the signs of Virgo and Cancer.

So.., be ready to welcome these vibrations with openness and let yourself be carried along by the dance of the stars.

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