Extreme visual test: Can you spot the unusual chicken among its fellows in under 20 seconds?


Are you ready for a new visual challenge? Perfect! This one will test your brain’s reactivity. It requires so much speed and concentration that few people have managed to complete it.

What about you? Can you find the error in less than 20 seconds? Prove it by performing the test!

How does the challenge work?

At this visual puzzleyou have to look at several chickens! Look carefully at the chickens scattered all over the picture.

Although they all look identical at first glance, one of them is different. Your mission is to find the unusual chicken in less than 20 seconds.


Feathers, posture, legs, small details; everything counts in this unique test. The distinct chicken hides within the apparent uniformity.

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Take up this challenge eventually with your friends and find the intruder as soon as possible. More difficult than a simple visual game, this test will put your mental speed to the test. So, are you ready to solve this visual puzzle and become the champion?

Practical tips

To triumph in our challenge, adopt a methodical and meticulous approach.

First, concentrate on all the elements of the image, such as the arrangement of the feathers, the posture of the birds and the direction of their gaze. Although they may look identical, a distinct one can be distinguished by these details.

Avoid the temptation to scan the image too quickly; instead, examine each corner carefully. The different chicken may be on the outside of the group, or in a slightly offset position.

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Also keep an eye out for shades of color that might betray its presence.

Watch out for visual traps, elements that look identical but are actually distractions. Stay focused on the task in hand.

Time is limited to 20 seconds, so adopt a good strategy for quickly analyzing every detail.

The solution

The different chicken is on the left of the picture. More precisely, it’s at eye level.

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Well done to those with excellent vision who have discovered the answer! You have a keen eye and the insight to spot the subtle detail among seemingly identical plumage.

Congratulations, because your ability to distinguish the exceptional is nothing short of impressive!

To those who haven’t discovered it yet, don’t give up! This challenge wasn’t easy, and every attempt is an opportunity to hone your visual skills.

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Keep observing, analyzing and honing your brain. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next to find the singular detail. So persevere, and remember that every attempt is a victory in itself.

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