IQ test: Can you solve this mathematical puzzle by finding the value of each element in under 30 seconds?


Sharpen your mind with this all-new challenge challenge! Solve this riddle by determining the value of the elements making up each equation.

To discover the solution to this IQ test, you must have an excellent level of intelligence. Certain prerequisites and mental abilities are necessary for success, including a keen sense of logic and a good grounding in arithmetic.

If you manage to find the right answers to this puzzle, you’ll have proved your worth. As soon as you feel ready, the picture below awaits you… and as a bonus, the solution if you’re interested.

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Discover the mathematical puzzle and the unknown equations to solve

More than just a game of numbers and signs, this is a real mathematical puzzle. Trying to solve this puzzle will test your logic and analytical skills.

In this intellectual challenge, your mission will be to determine the numerical value of the symbols added together in the four equations in the picture.

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You need to pay close attention and use the clues hidden in the equations to find the right solution to this challenge.

Matching symbols and numbers will help you find the result of the last equation. To spice up the game, you’ll only have 30 seconds to succeed!

Mathematical riddles and puzzles: tools to improve your intellectual skills

Contrary to appearances, our mathematical challenges are much more than mere hobbies or pastimes. Of course, solving them is fun. But they are also mental exercises that stimulate your cognitive faculties.

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Trying to solve these puzzles is a fun and effective way of working on your memory, concentration and logic.

Best of all, these challenges encourage your strategic skills. They’re even a way of improving your ability to solve complex problems.

Problem solving: did you find the numbers corresponding to the elements of the equations?

To succeed in this intellectual challenge, you need first and foremost a good sense of observation. You need to make a perfect reading of the picture and its equations. Understand the arithmetical relationships between each symbol. If you have a good grounding in arithmetic, especially addition and equations with unknowns, success shouldn’t be a problem.

Ideally, you should start with the simplest operations and use the values you find to solve the more difficult equations.

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In principle, you’ll need to find out the number 4 for books, 8 for pizza and 1 for carrots. Then do the sums and you’ll get the result of the last equation.

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Were you able to find these figures? If so, you can be proud of yourself. If not, don’t be disappointed. You can always practice and improve by taking our other IQ and mathematical logic tests.

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