IQ test: Challenge your mind! Can you find the missing number in 20 seconds with eagle eyes?


Visual challenges are an effective way of testing your visual acuity while stimulating your mind. This visual challenge is no exception!

In fact, it puts your analytical speed and perceptiveness to the test. Take advantage of this puzzle to cultivate your patience, memory, concentration and critical thinking. You have 20 seconds to complete this visual test.

Visual test: “Find the missing number in under 20 seconds!”

Did you know that visual exercises are highly effective in stimulating your visual acuity and keeping your mind sharp? That’s why they’re so popular with geniuses.

These visual tests keep them smart! Would you like to measure your intellectual competence and boost your observation skills? Take this visual test now!

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Look closely at the image below for 20 seconds and locate the missing number. It’s a series of numbers which, at first glance, appear to be randomly aligned.

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But if you’re a good observer, you’ll be able to find the underlying logic. Resist the temptation to ask someone for help, but try to meet the challenge with your unique skills.

Good luck!

IQ Test: The right answer

The key to solving this challenge lies in your ability to quickly analyze the details and find the mathematical logic involved. How did you do? If you succeeded, congratulations! You’ve once again demonstrated your mental agility. You really are eagle-eyed.

If you’ve failed the test, find out more about the solution below. Once you’ve understood and analyzed it, learn from your mistakes and take on other visual challenges to improve! This is how geniuses work on their skills, so why not emulate them! Find the best visual puzzles to practice with on our website.

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The solution

The missing number you needed to find is 45.

To find this answer, you had to add the numbers in the second row with the first digit of the top row to get the number in the right-hand box. The result is :

In the first row, add the number 8 as follows:

12 + 8 = 20

20 + 8 = 28

In the second line, we add 12, the first digit of the first row:

18 + 12 = 30

30 + 12 = 42

And in the last line, you have :

27 + 18 = 45

45 + 18 = 63


If you have friends, or family members, up for the challenge, share this visual riddle with them and measure their visual skills.

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