IQ test: in less than 30 seconds, can you find the missing number in the last equation?


Don’t delude yourself, this puzzle is far from simple. You’ll need a sharp mind to solve it in no time. If you think you’re up to it, we invite you to give it a go.

It’s a great way to challenge yourself, but also to improve your mental capacity. That’s right, this IQ test will test your logic, intellectual finesse and critical thinking skills.

30 seconds: the time you have to solve this logic challenge.

In this riddle brain, you’ll be asked to determine the missing number in the last sequence of digits.

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But be careful! It’s not a question of choosing a number at random. You need to identify the numerical relationships that link the sequences together.

By finding the pattern that links them, you’ll find it easier to solve this numerical puzzle. To spice up the game and push your mental skills a little further, you need to give your answer in under 30 seconds.

Brain teasers and their virtues: a way to wake up your sleeping neurons

Our brain teasers and brain puzzles are more than just entertainment. Our IQ tests are mental exercises that develop your cognitive faculties.

As you strive to solve these riddles and equations, you work on your logical mind, your thinking skills and your powers of concentration.

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Among other things, these challenges are a way of stimulating your brain, which is often put to sleep by everyday routine. They help you improve your ability to handle complex problems and, intrinsically, everyday worries.

The solution to the numerical riddle: how many did you find as the final answer?

To pass this IQ and aptitude test, it was necessary to understand that the aim was not simply to find a missing number. Rather, the aim was to recognize the pattern or rule common to all 4 number sequences.

Once you’ve found the pattern, finding the unknown number is child’s play. Look closely at each sequence and its result.

The logic is as follows



Here the numbers to be added are multiplied by themselves and by 5

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The answer is therefore 80


Have you found this reasoning? If so, you can be proud of your skills. You have a good sense of analysis. If, on the other hand, you didn’t, don’t be disappointed.

You had the chance to excel and have fun. If you practice with our other IQ tests, we guarantee that your chances of success will increase tenfold.

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