Logic challenge: Put your IQ to the test and find the 3-digit code in under 20 seconds!


In a world where mental agility is king, logic tests reign supreme to test our neurons.

Today, we are faced with a test challenging: find the code. A captivating puzzle awaits you, in the form of a visual riddle.

An image presenting 5 erroneous numerical combinations, each bearing crucial clues which, once deciphered, will reveal the 3-digit mystery code.

These intellectual challenges are growing in popularity on social networks, inviting the online community to sharpen their minds while sharing the fun of collective resolution. Get ready to analyze, deduce and triumph as you unveil the code!

Logic challenge: Put your IQ to the test and find the 3-digit code in under 20 seconds!© FiveStarMagazine

Challenge rules

Successfully unlocking the mysterious chest requires careful attention and unwavering concentration.

The key to victory lies in the art of deduction and careful observation of the clues provided. Each attempt to find the correct 3-digit code is followed by colored clues, little dots that will guide you to the solution.

  • A white dot indicates that a proposed digit is not used in the secret code.
  • Yellow dot indicates a correct but incorrectly positioned number.
  • Un green dot confirms the presence and exact position of a digit. So adjust your assumptions according to this valuable feedback after each test.
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This puzzle is classified as medium level; this is suggested by the difficulty slider visible on the image accompanying the challenge.

Don’t be discouraged by unsuccessful attempts, as each mistake brings you closer to the solution. Take your time to analyze the responses of each previous attempt before making your next move.

Caution! the colored dots do not follow a predefined order. You have 20 seconds to decipher the code or complete the challenge. Remain vigilant and methodical to identify the correct sequence, as any error could lead you away from the solution. Good luck!

To decipher today’s riddle, it’s essential to mobilize your logical mind. Like a muscle requiring exercise and consistency, your brain needs training to hone its deductive skills.

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Regular practice of puzzles and riddles helps strengthen neural connections, improving the speed and efficiency of your logical thinking.

By stimulating your intellect through challenges such as puzzles, you not only develop a valuable ability to solve complex problems, but also foster greater mental agility that will serve you in all spheres of your daily life.

The long-awaited moment has arrived. We’ve observed your patience and determination, and now it’s time to reveal the secret you’ve been trying to unravel. For those of you who have been willing to play along, we’ve prepared a picture that’s a real challenge for the mind.

Inside, the code of the day is cleverly concealed, its numbers bathed in a palette of bright colors to guide your quest. The most perceptive will surely have already identified the winning combination that opens the gates to victory.

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Color decoding: the revelation

Our warmest congratulations go to those who decoded the riddle in less than twenty seconds, a feat that testifies to remarkable visual acuity and keen intelligence.

Your success is striking proof that the human eye and the mind can work together to triumph over the most subtle challenges. Bravo to all color detectives!

The code is: 975


Dear participants, we invite you to spice up your day by challenging your friends or family members!

You’ll enjoy discovering our entertaining games, the fruit of hard work and an unbridled passion to offer you the best every day.

Sharing this article on social networks is a simple gesture that touches us deeply and allows us to spread the joy you feel.

So don’t hesitate to share the experience and launch a friendly challenge to those you love. Your support is our greatest reward!

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