Logic challenge: Put your IQ to the test and find the 3-digit code in under 30 seconds!


Into the fascinating world of riddles and puzzles, tests of logic and reflection occupy a place of choice. They stimulate the mind, sharpen our reasoning and entertain us with their ingenuity.

Today, we present a puzzle that requires your perceptiveness: find the 3-digit code.

There are four wrong combinations in the picture, but each one contains valuable clues to deciphering the mystery code.

These intellectual challenges are a big hit on social networks, where entire communities are passionate about collectively solving these modern puzzles. Can you rise to the challenge and find the code?

Logic challenge: put your IQ to the test and find the 3-digit code in under 30 seconds!© FiveStarMagazine

Rules for solving the challenge

To triumph in this puzzle game, meticulous attention is imperative. The challenge consists in deciphering a 3-digit code, a task that requires not only concentration but also a good dose of perceptiveness.

Each attempt to guess the code is followed by clues in the form of colored dots, and this is where meticulous observation comes into play.

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You have to understand what the colors mean: a white dot indicates that a proposed digit does not exist in the code, a yellow dot indicates the presence of a correct digit placed in the wrong square, whilea green dot confirms that a digit is correctly positioned.

These clues are crucial to progress towards the solution.

The puzzle is designed to be of medium difficulty, as illustrated by the cursor on the image accompanying the challenge. This means that, while accessible, the game requires considerable mental effort to line up the correct numbers in the correct order.

Succeeding in this challenge therefore requires logic and deduction, while keeping in mind that each attempt brings us a little closer to the winning combination.

Warning! the coloured dots do not follow a pre-established order ! You have 30 seconds to decipher the code or complete the challenge. Keep your wits about you, and use your speed and cunning to correctly align these disordered chromatic clues. Time is running out!

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Today’s puzzle will put your logical mind to the test. Finding the right code requires not only thought, but also the ability to recognize patterns, deduce rules and proceed by elimination.

Regular brain training is essential to keep these skills sharp. Like any muscle, the brain needs exercise to stay in shape.

Training your logic will help you not only in puzzle games but also in everyday life, as clear, structured thinking is paramount to solving everyday problems.

Dear challenge enthusiasts, we know how exciting waiting can be. Today, we’ve tested your perceptiveness with a stimulating visual challenge.

We’ve carefully placed the clues in the picture, with bright numbers guiding you to the solution. These colorful numbers aren’t there by chance: they form the secret code of the day. Keep your eyes open and let the colors lead you to victory.

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The secret revealed in color

We’d like to congratulate all those who took up this challenge with flying colors, deciphering code 145 in less than 30 seconds.


Your visual acuity and speed are remarkable! Keep sharpening your mind and stay tuned for our next challenges.

Dear participants, after devoting long hours to passionately designing entertaining games to brighten up your days, we invite you to issue a friendly challenge to your friends and family.

Share this article with them and discover together the pleasure of our playful creations.

Your support by sharing this article on social networks is a great pleasure for us and contributes greatly to the development of our community.

Spread the joy, invite your friends and family to join in this fun adventure, and see who takes up the challenge with flying colors!

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