Logic challenge: Sharpen your IQ and find the 3-digit code in under 25 seconds!


The tests have always fascinated the human mind. They stimulate our brains, sharpen our critical thinking and offer us incomparable satisfaction when we manage to unravel their enigmas.

Today, the challenge is to find the 3-digit code. An enigmatic picture shows 4 combinations, but they’re not there to mislead you – quite the contrary.

They contain the clues essential to solving the puzzle. These intellectual puzzles are gaining in popularity on social networks, captivating thousands of Internet users eager for a challenge. Ready, set, find the code!

Logic challenge: sharpen your IQ and find the 3-digit code in under 25 seconds!FiveStarMagazine

Rules for solving the challenge

The key to success lies in solving the puzzle and discovering the secret code.

It’s vital to interpret these signals correctly, so that you can adjust your strategy with each attempt. The white point indicates that a digit used does not exist in the final code, whereas the yellow dot indicates the presence of a good, but poorly positioned figure.

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As for the green dotit confirms not only the presence of a correct digit, but also its exact position in the combination.

It is therefore advisable to analyze the feedback after each attempt and to use this information judiciously to get closer to the code.

This challenge is classified as medium level, a fact attested by the difficulty slider visible on the image accompanying the puzzle. A keen eye and logical deduction will be your best allies in solving this mystery and triumphing over the challenge.

Please note: the colored dots shown here do not follow any predetermined order. You have 25 seconds to decipher the code or complete the challenge. Be vigilant and methodical in your approach to identify the correct sequence. Good luck!

Dear readers, to decipher the mysterious code of today’s riddle, it’s imperative to mobilize your logical mind. Like a muscle, the brain needs regular exercise to stay sharp and efficient.

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Practicing riddles and logic games increases your ability to solve complex problems, improves your concentration and develops critical thinking.

Training your brain through these stimulating challenges not only boosts your analytical skills, but also delays age-related cognitive decline. So immerse yourself in this riddle, put your brain to work and find the key to the enigmatic code!

Dear participants, your patience will soon be rewarded. We’re about to share with you the code of the day, a secret jealously guarded until this very moment. In the image before your eyes, the brightly colored numbers are the essential clues.

These hues are not there by chance; they form the combination you need to decipher. Observe carefully, analyzing every detail, for the key to the enigma lies hidden among these vibrant shades. Get ready to enter the winner’s circle!

The long-awaited unveiling

Our warmest congratulations to those of you who brilliantly discovered the answer in less than 25 seconds.

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Your sharp mind and keen eye have led you to code 486 with impressive speed. Your talent for deciphering the colored clues is remarkable and deserves our admiration. Congratulations on this fine performance!


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Your support, by sharing our work on social networks, is an invaluable source of encouragement for us.

Share them with your friends and family, and together, we’ll have lots of fun. We’re counting on you to help us spread our passion and dedication to entertainment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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