Logic challenge: Show off your IQ by finding the 4-digit code in under 45 seconds!


In a world where intellectual challenges captivate the mind, logic tests are making their way into our daily lives, sharpening our neurons in the process.

Today, we dive into the world of of riddles with a mind-bending puzzle: find the four-digit code.

A mysterious image offers five incorrect combinations, each revealing a valuable clue to deciphering the exact sequence.

These puzzles, which have become popular on social networks, invite a moment of concentration and deduction. Get ready to analyze, deduce and, finally, unlock the secret of the day’s code.

Logic challenge: Show the extent of your IQ by finding the 4-digit code in under 45 seconds!© FiveStarMagazine

Challenge rules: Find the 4-digit code

To succeed in this challenge, which requires meticulous observation and unfailing concentration, it’s essential to follow a precise set of rules. The aim is to find a 4-digit code by correctly interpreting the clues given after each attempt.

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These clues take the form of colored dots placed next to the combinations tried. A white dot indicates that a proposed digit does not belong to the code, whereasa yellow dot indicates the presence of a correct but misplaced digit.

As for the green dot, confirms that a number is correct and correctly positioned in the sequence. You’ll need to use logic and cunning to unravel these clues and make up the winning code.

The level of difficulty of the puzzle is clearly indicated by a difficulty slider on the image accompanying the challenge, preparing the participant for an exercise that will put his or her abilities to the test.

Warning! the colored dots do not follow a specific order. You have 45 seconds to decipher the code or complete the challenge. Be vigilant and quick in your analysis to succeed in time!

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Dear readers, today’s riddle requires you to mobilize your logical mind. The key to deciphering the mystery lies in your ability to connect the clues coherently and eliminate false leads.

This exercise is more than just a hobby – it stimulates and strengthens your brain’s neural connections.

Regularly training your brain through logical challenges and problem solving is essential, as it improves cognitive flexibility, strengthens memory and increases the speed of information processing.

Think of today’s puzzle as a workout for your mind; a sharpened mind will serve you well beyond the boundaries of this riddle.

The trick? Essential numbers are highlighted with eye-catching bright colors. Look closely, as every detail counts in deciphering this mystery combination. Expect a moment of revelation when everything makes sense.

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The secret of coloured numbers

Well done to all those who brilliantly worked out the clues and discovered code 4815 in less than 45 seconds. Your perspicacity is admirable!

We’re impressed by your ability to meet this challenge with such ease and speed.

© FiveStarMagazine

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