Logic test: In less than 60 seconds, can you identify Mike’s pregnant wife?


This test of intelligence may be a little difficult if you don’t have a good analytical mind and sufficiently trained reasoning. It requires a certain amount of insight to solve.

If you think your mind is sharp enough to figure it out, you’d better get started right away.

Relever this challenge is a great opportunity to evaluate and stimulate your mental capacities.

This riddle tests your logic, intellectual finesse and critical thinking. Solving it is an enriching experience for your cognitive development.

60 seconds: the time to find Mike’s wife

In this logic challenge, your mission is to help Mike find his wife. Mike is bedridden and suffering from a concussion which has caused him to lose his memory.

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Help him identify his wife: she’s pregnant and about to give birth. She is one of three women at his bedside, all of whom appear to be expecting a child.


To further stimulate your mental capacities, you will have at your disposal only 60 seconds to give your answer.

Logic and intellectual challenges: stimulate your brains, softened by routine.

Contrary to popular belief, our IQ tests are not just for entertainment. They’re a great way to take a break and have some fun between tasks. But they are also an excellent way to train your cognition and perfect your reasoning.

By solving these visual puzzles, you strengthen your logical mind, your ability to think and your concentration. They also stimulate your brain, often numbed by daily routine. What’s more, they improve your ability to solve complex problems.

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Logic test solution: did you recognize Mike’s wife?

Passing this IQ test is only possible if you look closely at the picture. It hides several clues that will lead you to Mike’s real wife.

Among other things, we know that his partner is about to give birth. This rules out the woman on the far left of the picture.

She appears to be at an early stage of pregnancy. By the same reasoning, it’s also impossible for the woman in the middle to be Mike’s wife.

She certainly has a very round belly, but the fact that she’s wearing high heels gives her away. We can deduce that she’s not about to give birth. Which leaves us with the woman on the far right.

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She’s definitely his wife, as her belly is well rounded and her shoelaces are untied. This could mean that she’s unable to tie them without her husband’s help.

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If you’ve followed this line of reasoning, congratulations! You have excellent analytical skills. If not, don’t be discouraged if you fail.

After all, you’ve had the opportunity to excel and have fun. By practicing with our other IQ tests, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success.

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