Math challenge: Put your IQ to the test with this quick equation – solve it in under 40 seconds!


Welcome to the fascinating world of challenges mathematical challenges, where every day brings a new puzzle to solve.

Today, we’re putting your mental agility to the test with an equation that seems simple at first glance: 10+10×0+10. However, the real challenge is to arrive at the correct solution in a flash, since you only have 40 seconds to do so.

These tests, often akin to IQ assessments and other logic exercises, are not only excellent brain training but also a popular source of entertainment on social networks.

Math challenge: Put your IQ to the test with this quick equation - solve it in under 40 seconds!© FiveStarMagazine

So, are you ready for today’s challenge? May the fastest and cleverest win!

Today, we’re putting your wits to the test with a brain-bending puzzle.

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To complete this challenge, you’ll need meticulous observation and concentration.

Remember, it’s by thinking outside the box and in unconventional ways that you’ll be able to unravel the threads of this challenge and reach the solution. Be prepared to move heaven and earth to find the key to the riddle you’ve been given.

The riddle to decipher

To meet the challenge of a puzzle, we need to call on our minds and our inventive powers. This requires us not only to think logically, but also to consider solutions from different, innovative angles.

We should be patient and persistent, because it’s by exploring various possibilities that we can gradually unveil the answer.

In this respect, meticulous observation and deep concentration are indispensable. By sharpening our attention to every detail, we increase our ability to perceive subtle clues that can guide us to the solution.

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Patience is a virtue, especially when faced with a challenge that fires the imagination of thousands on the web. We’ve watched with curiosity as this mathematical challenge has gone viral on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Users compete in their ingenuity to solve the riddle, proudly sharing their successes or racking their brains to understand the subtlety of the operation.

We’ve decided to let you stew a bit before revealing this famous solution. Below is an image for the curious, detailing the thought process involved in solving the puzzle.

The key to the riddle revealed

Our warmest congratulations to all those who beat our challenge in under 40 seconds! The solution, 10+10×0+10, is actually 20.


If you’ve untangled this logical knot quickly, you can consider yourselves sharp and perceptive minds.

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The satisfaction of solving such a puzzle is a reward in itself, but your achievement also deserves our recognition. Well done to all you number crunchers!

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