Math riddle: Can you find the missing number in under 15 seconds?


The test has been specially designed to improve your cognitive functions. It requires you to use your intelligence and logic in innovative ways.

It’s aboutan enigma presenting you with a series of numbers contained in individual blocks.

Your task is to find the missing number in the middle of the square. You have exactly 15 seconds to find the solution and solve the puzzle.

This challenge is perfect for improving your memory and concentration.

Riddle presentation: find the missing number as quickly as possible

The puzzle presents you with the image of a square divided into 9 blocks, each containing a number. Your objective is simple: you must find the missing number in less than 15 seconds.

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This mathematical puzzle invites you not only to think, but also to observe. To find the required number quickly, you just need to use your critical analysis skills and your logical sense.

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Solving mathematical puzzles can be done using lateral thinking and simple mathematical rules. You need to know that mathematical puzzles themselves contain the answers, but you need to use your brain to the full to find the solution.

The puzzles may seem difficult, but they’ve been designed in a simple way that requires you to think hard to find the answer.

Answer to the mathematical puzzle: can you find the missing number in less than 15 seconds?

Time’s up! Can you find the missing number in under 15 seconds? If you’ve managed to find the right answer, you’ve not only stimulated your creativity, you’ve also reduced your stress.

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Don’t hesitate to solve other mathematical puzzles to train your brain to evolve and find innovative solutions to problems.

If you haven’t succeeded, we’ll show you the solution, which will undoubtedly improve various aspects of your cognitive function. To find the right answer, follow this pattern: 2nd line x 3rd line = 1st line.

– First column: 24 x 4 = 96

– Third column: 14 x 7 = 98

– Second column: (x) x 8 = 96; thus: x = 98/8 = 12


So the missing value is 12. If you haven’t discovered the answer, you can practice with less difficult riddles to train your brain.

In this way, you’ll be able to perfect your perseverance, a quality that can be useful in many areas of everyday life.

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