Math riddle: Find the value in the equation as quickly as possible!


This cerebral challenge stimulates your mind and gets you thinking. This kind of test is part of the logic and problem-solving games puzzles very popular with those who like a challenge.

The image below represents an ordinary equation with multiplication, but it requires logic and good reasoning to find the missing answer.

Maths challenge: quickly find the answer to this equation

At first glance, this kind of mathematical puzzle seems simple, but when you discover the answer, it’s no ordinary calculation of basic mathematical principles.

This riddle is rather complex, but by using lateral thinking and understanding the calculation mechanism, you’ll find the solution.. Put your insight and logical mind to the test to quickly discover the result.

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The basic equation turns out to be misleading, and this puzzle requires an unconventional approach. Analyze each equation for similarities and differences to arrive at the final answer.

With this brain challenge, you can stimulate your mind, improve your concentration, strengthen your memory and develop your problem-solving skills.

This mathematical test provides intellectual entertainment that gives the brain a workout. It also helps minimize the risk of signs of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

With this kind of challenge, you not only improve your way of thinking in a fun way, but it also gives you good mental health.

Answer to the riddle

The mathematical puzzle presented here consists in find the answer to the equation 1×5. To do this, we need to think outside the box, rather than relying on ordinary calculation methods.

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Conventional mathematical rules are not necessary for this mathematical challenge. Discover the solution by looking for a hidden logic or pattern.

How quickly did you find the solution to the challenge? How long did it take you to get the right answer?

Can’t you get to the bottom of this seemingly simple equation? However long it takes you to find the answer, the important thing is to get there.

If not, keep on solving other brain challenges, or take a break before coming back to it, and take all the time you need to unravel the problem.

Good thinking will help you find that 2×3=6 and 2 +3=5 to give 2×3=56. Similarly, 1×2=2 and 1 +2=3 give 1×2=32. For 4×2=68, the calculation gives 4×2=8 and 4 +2=6, i.e. 4×2=68. So for 1×5, you’ll get 65 because 1×5=5 and 1 +5=6.

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