Mathematical puzzle: Test your genius by removing 4 matches to solve this puzzle in under 40 seconds!


Welcome to the world of intrigue of challenges where tests mathematical tests play an important role in the assessment of intellectual agility.

Today, we are faced with a singular case: a manifestly incorrect equation – 3×7=-1.

Your mission, if you accept it, is to unravel this inconsistency in less than 40 seconds.

Mathematical puzzle: Test your genius by removing 4 matches to solve this puzzle in under 40 seconds!FiveStarMagazine

This kind of challenge, similar to those encountered in IQ teststests our ability to reason logically and spot errors quickly. In the digital age, these challenges captivate thousands of Internet users on social networks, stimulating collective thinking in a playful quest to solve mathematical mysteries.

Today, we present a puzzle that will challenge your visual acuity as well as your most rigorous concentration.

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This challenge is designed to test your ability to observe carefully and think deeply. To overcome it, it’s imperative to move away from obvious solutions and take less conventional paths of thought.

Intuition alone won’t suffice; you’ll also need logic and ingenuity to emerge victorious from this ordeal.

The riddle of the matches

To solve today’s riddle, remember that you are only allowed to remove four matches. This detail is crucial, as every move must be made with precision and strategy.

So we invite you to scrutinize the equation before you, consider all the possibilities, and manipulate those little pieces of wood with sagacity. Good luck to all you clever minds out there!

To successfully complete a puzzle, it’s essential to stimulate our minds and channel our creativity. Each piece represents a small challenge which, carefully assembled, contributes to a coherent and satisfying picture.

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We need to arm ourselves with patience and sharpen our sense of observation. By concentrating intensely, we manage to spot the subtleties of form and color that are the key to moving forward.

It’s this mental exercise that makes completing the challenge a real source of pride and personal achievement. Remain attentive, persevering and open to the multiple possibilities your imagination can offer.

The veil lifts on the solution

Patience is a virtue, and we know that waiting can be a trial. But rest assured, the revelation of the solution to this captivating challenge is just around the corner.

This puzzle has created a buzz on social networks, going viral on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, where thousands of users proudly share their successes or solicit clues.

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We’ve prepared an illustration below that clarifies the solution in a fun and didactic way. Before lowering your eyes, take a moment to think one last time. Ready for the answer?

Congratulations to those who have unraveled the threads of this challenge in under 40 seconds! You’ve proved that your mind is as agile as it is sharp.

For the rest of you, don’t be discouraged; every challenge is an opportunity to learn. So here’s your long-awaited solution: 7/7=1.


Well done everyone for your participation and your deductive spirit!

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