Observation test: Keep your eyes peeled for the glaring error in this image in under 15 seconds!


Do you have some spare time on your hands? Take the opportunity to test your intelligence with this IQ exercise fun.

Studies have shown that solving problems of this kind can improve cognitive functions such as memory, attention and speed of analysis.

This simple IQ test will help you pass the time while stimulating your brain. Are you up for it? Then read the following instructions and quickly solve today’s riddle!

Visual test: “Try to find the error in this image in 15 seconds”.

Visual tests are both fun and challenging, and this one is no exception. You have 15 seconds to scrutinize the image below and solve today’s visual riddle.

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The following picture shows traffic that, at first glance, looks normal. But if you look closely at all the details, and if you’re perceptive enough, you’ll immediately see the inconsistency lurking there.

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Are you up to the challenge? Start your stopwatch in 3, 2, 1, it’s up to you!

IQ Test: The right answer

Visual exercises are not only entertaining, they’re also a great way to strengthen your ability to spot atypical details.

We hope you’ve had fun solving this visual puzzle. Now it’s time to give you the answer.

The solution

The first thing you need to realize is that the scene takes place in London. Indeed, London’s red telephone boxes are as famous as its red double-decker buses. They’re both in the picture.

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As soon as you know that this is London traffic, the first thing that should come to mind is that in this country, traffic flows on the left. Now, in the image, the vehicles are driving in the opposite direction. This was the error that needed to be identified.


Did you find the right answer in the allotted time? Congratulations, you really are a perceptive person with well-developed powers of observation. If not, don’t worry, regular practice of these visual challenges can significantly improve your visual and problem-solving skills.

Feel free to share this visual test with your friends and your family, and explore our site to discover other captivating visual puzzles that will provide you with an entertaining experience while stimulating your critical thinking!

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