Our tips for growing beautiful geraniums on your balcony!


If you want to add color and freshness to your balcony, you should consider planting geraniums.

These plants are very easy to care for and will delight your terrace with their beautiful, colorful flowers.

Visit tips to help you grow geraniums on your balcony and keep them healthy.

Choose the right variety of geranium

Choosing the right variety of geranium is essential for a healthy, flourishing plant. There are many varieties of geranium, some of which are hardy and resist heat or cold well, and can therefore be grown both indoors and outdoors..

Different colors, foliage varieties and shapes are available. If you want a geranium with double flowers, you’ll need to choose a hybrid variety. Finally, the choice of habit may vary according to the space available and climatic conditions.

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Prepare soil and container

Before planting seeds or cuttings, it’s important to prepare the soil and the container in which the plants will grow. In order to obtain satisfactory resultsThe substrate must be rich and well drained.

For this, use potting soil mixed with sand or gravel. The next step is to choose a container suitable for the chosen variety. It should be sufficiently deep and wide to allow the plant to spread out.

The pot must also have holes in the bottom to allow good drainage of excess water. It’s also advisable to choose a container that can withstand extreme temperatures and bad weather, to provide the plant with a stable environment throughout its growth.

Once the container has been chosen and filled with potting soil, all that remains is to plant the seeds or cuttings.

Plant the seeds or cuttings

Plant your seeds or cuttings in the prepared soil, spreading them generously. Use a stake and wires to hold your plants in place. You can even add a bamboo stand for extra support. Next, lightly cover seeds or cuttings with potting soil and humus.

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Be sure to leave a large surface area between each plant. Once the seeds or cuttings planted, water them. Give them enough water to keep the substrate moist, but not too much.

You can also use fertilizers to help your plants grow. Don’t use too much fertilizer, as this can be harmful to plants and create conditions conducive to disease. Here’s a list of things to consider:

  • Use stakes and wires
  • Lightly cover the soil
  • Water the seeds or cuttings
  • Use a moderate fertilizer

By following these tips, you’ll be able to plant your seeds or cuttings correctly and achieve satisfactory results.

Care for plants by watering and fertilizing them

Visit geranium plants need a certain amount of maintenance to keep them healthy and thriving. Once you’ve chosen the right variety, prepared the soil and container and planted the seeds or cuttings, you now need to care for the plants to ensure they reach their full potential.

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Watering is the most important. Visit geraniums need constant humidity, but not too much. It’s better to water well once a week than too often.

Plants should also be fertilized every two months to help them grow faster and produce more flowers. It’s advisable to use a slow-release fertilizer that will provide geraniums with the nutrients they need over a long period.

By following these tipsyou’ll easily be able to get splendid, healthy geraniums on your balcony.

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of sunshine and light. good irrigationwhich are the keys to beautiful flowers. Taking care of your plants is essential for their well-being and the beauty of your balcony.

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