Personality Test: Find out where you stand on the courage scale – Do you dare to face your fears?


Personality tests are designed to reveal an individual’s characteristic traits. One such test, exploring the dichotomy between courage and fear, seeks to determine where we fall on this spectrum.

These psychometric tools offer an insight into our natural inclinations in the face of danger and adversity.

Personality test: Find out where you stand on the courage scale - Do you dare to face your fears?FiveStarMagazine

What do your hands tell you about your boldness?

If this is the image of hands that first caught your attention, you’re probably the kind of person who approaches life pragmatically. You prefer to take concrete action rather than lose yourself in emotions, which can indicate a certain kind of courage.

When faced with a difficult or frightening situation, you prefer to take matters into your own hands and find a practical solution.

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However, this approach can sometimes conceal a reluctance to deal with internal fearspreferring to focus on action rather than introspection.

Discover what the heart has to say about your bravery

Those who have seen a heart in the first place tend to be guided by their emotions and compassion. This sensitivity can manifest itself in a particular kind of courage: the ability to open up to others and show vulnerability.

Having the heart as your first choice suggests that you might be bold in personal relationships, willing to take risks for love or friendship.

However, this same sensitivity could make you more susceptible to fear when it comes to facing situations where emotions are exposed or during potential personal rejections.

Did you know?

Jean-Bertrand Pontalis (January 15, 1924 – January 15, 2013) was a French philosopher, psychoanalyst and writer. Born in Paris, he was influenced by existentialist philosophy and phenomenology before turning to psychoanalysis.

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After studying at the École Normale Supérieure and passing the agrégation in philosophy, Pontalis met the famous psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan and became his pupil. A collaborator of Jean-Paul Sartre from 1947, he worked for the magazine “Les Temps Modernes”.

He trained in psychoanalysis with Jacques Lacan and later joined the Société Psychanalytique de Paris. His collaboration with Jean Laplanche on Les Vocabulaires de la Psychanalyse (1967), which became a landmark work in psychoanalytic theory, had a major impact on his career.

Milestone: One of Pontalis’s most notable works is his contribution to the field of psychoanalysis through Fantasme originaire, fantasmes des origines, origines du fantasme (1964), written with Laplanche.

This text explores the foundations of fantasy in the unconscious and its role in the formation of the human psyche. This work had a significant impact on the subsequent development of psychoanalytical theories concerning fantasy and its origins.

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Jean-Bertrand Pontalis also taught at the University of Paris VII and edited Gallimard’s Connaissance de l’inconscient collection. He has left behind an important legacy in the field of psychoanalysis, thanks to his theoretical writings as well as his literary works, in which he explores the links between literature and psychoanalysis.

Well done for diving into the adventure of self-discovery! We hope you enjoyed this inner journey.

Don’t forget: tomorrow, a brand new self-exploration awaits you on our website. Go on, share this test with your friends for a bit of fun together!

Just a wink before we go: this test is for smiles and fun, with no scientific pretensions. See you soon!

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