Personality test: What did you see first? Your choice will reveal whether you’re selfish or caring.


Personality test is a fascinating introspective journey. With a simple question: What did you see first? it claims to reveal hidden aspects of our being.

These tests arouse curiosity and skepticism, promising to shed light on whether our nature is selfish or altruistic.

Personality test: What did you see first? Your choice will reveal whether you're selfish or caring.© FiveStarMagazine

Trees: A symbol of your independence

If, during the test, the first thing you see are treesthis could indicate a deeply personal independent and autonomous.

You’re a self-sufficient person, not afraid to walk the path of life alone. Your ability to draw on your own resources is remarkable.

However, this tendency could be interpreted by some as a sign of a lack of self-confidence.egoismalthough this is not necessarily the case. It may simply be that you greatly value your personal space and are focused on your own goals and individual growth.

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Do you see faces? The key to your altruism

For those who first saw facesyou could embody the spirit of thealtruism. This primary perception suggests that you are naturally turned towards others, always ready to listen and support.

You have an innate ability to recognize the emotions and needs of others, which makes you a loyal friend and compassionate partner.

Your tendency to put other people’s needs before your own might sometimes risk leading to self-forgetfulness, but above all it testifies to a generosity of heart and a great capacity for empathy.

Did you know?

René Allendy (1889-1942) was a French physician, psychoanalyst and writer. Born in Paris on February 19, 1889, Allendy played a significant role in introducing psychoanalysis to France.

Graduating in medicine in 1911, he became interested in homeopathy before turning to psychoanalysis, becoming a founding member of the Société psychanalytique de Paris (SPP) in 1926.

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One of the highlights of his career was his attempt to integrate astrology into psychoanalytical practice. Convinced that astral configurations had an influence on the human psyche, Allendy often incorporated astrological elements into his therapeutic analyses.

This approach was controversial within the psychoanalytical community and contributed to debates on the boundaries between science and occultism.

Despite this, Allendy maintained a holistic approach, attempting to link the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects in the treatment of his patients. René Allendy died on July 12, 1942, after battling a serious illness.

His contribution to psychoanalysis and his interest in astrology remain notable points that illustrate his desire to explore the frontiers of science and mysticism.

Thank you for playing the game and exploring the twists and turns of your personality! I hope you found it as entertaining as it was revealing.

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See you tomorrow on for a new test that’s sure to pique your curiosity.

Don’t forget to share this little moment of entertainment with your friends! And remember, these tests are there to add a little lightness to our daily lives, without any scientific pretensions.

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