Prove that you can identify the error in just 15 seconds if you’re a good observer!


The tests although fun, require creative thinking to solve. It also requires ingenuity and insight to arrive at the right answer.

That’s why these visual games are perfect for measuring your ability to find details and your intelligence.

Would you like to test your visual skills and assess your IQ? Solve this riddle visual puzzle of the day! Only geniuses and true observers will be able to solve it in under 15 seconds!

Visual test: “Find the error in this image in 15 seconds if you have a good eye!”

Are you familiar with difference games or error games? These are typical puzzles for all visual puzzle fans.

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The test below is a variant of this. Instead of looking for errors between two similar images, you’ll be looking for an error in a single image. Are you ready?

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The following image shows a beautiful landscape with a lovely country house. While everything looks normal and harmonious at first glance, there’s a big inconsistency in this picture.

To solve this puzzle, you need to stay calm, focused and sharp-witted, so as not to miss any details. Especially as you’ll need to do it in 15 seconds.

IQ test: The right answer

Is your stopwatch running out of 15 seconds? Then it’s time to check whether you’ve given the right answer and whether you’re a keen observer.

The solution

Normally, the wind direction should be the same over a given area, especially if it’s the same yard. However, this is not the case in this image.

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The wind blows in different directions. The proof? Look at the direction of the trees and the smoke coming out of the house chimney. That’s what you needed to spot.


Did you find the right answer in time? Congratulations, you’re an observer. If not, you’ll need some practice to develop your analytical skills and your ability to uncover details.

Would you like to solve more visual puzzles? Visit our website. You’ll find visual tests for all levels. Have fun playing and share the challenges with colleagues and friends to see who holds the title of expert detective in your gang. May the best observer win!

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