Visual challenge: Find the 6 differences in record time! Put your wits to the test now!

Défi visuel : Trouvez les 6 différences en un temps record ! Mettez votre perspicacité à l'épreuve maintenant !

Visual tests are a fun and stimulating way of sharpening perception and attention to detail.

Among these tests, the test stands out as a classic exercise that challenges our ability to discern subtle variations between two apparently identical images.

Today, we bring you a captivating variation of this test find six differences hidden in two illustrations of a classroom.

You’ll have 60 seconds to complete the challenge, a challenge for your concentration and visual acuity. Ready to observe, compare and detect anomalies before time runs out? Let the game begin!


Are you ready for a lightning hunt for differences?

Hi budding detectives! Today we’re challenging you with an activity that’s as fun as it is challenging.

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We’ve put together two images of classrooms that look identical at first glance, but don’t let them fool you!

There are 6 cleverly hidden differencesand they’re just waiting to be discovered by your eagle eye. So, do you think you can find them all in less than a minute?

It’s time to go into super-observer mode and show everyone that you’re the champion of the visual challenge.

Take a deep breath, get your stopwatches ready, and let the hunt begin! Will you take up this exciting challenge and beat the record of 60 seconds ? Show us what you can do!

To succeed in this visual challenge, attention to detail is crucial. Concentrate on every element of the two images presented. Examine objects, their position, colors and even shadows.

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Sometimes the differences can be subtle, like a small change on a painting or a book placed differently. It’s a good idea to scan scenes methodically, moving from one area to the next to leave nothing to chance.

Stay calm and don’t rush; speed comes with practice and visual acuity. Ready for the challenge? Let the hunt for differences begin!

Champions of observation: Bravo to the aces of the challenge!

A round of applause for those of you who managed to unearth the six subtleties hidden in our difference game!

If you’ve demonstrated outstanding visual acuity in under 60 seconds, you deserve a real salute. Your powers of observation are undeniably sharp, and your concentration exemplary.

For those of you who have yet to solve the mystery of the two enigmatic cat images, don’t give up!

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We’re going to reveal a key image where all the differences will be highlighted. And for those who aspire to join the ranks of genius visual detectives, know that practice makes master.


Games dedicated to improving concentration and observation skills are your allies.

Finally, don’t hesitate to spread the thrill of the challenge by sharing this game on your social networks. Invite friends and family to test their perceptiveness!

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