Visual puzzle: Measure your visual attention by spotting the carrots in record time!


Brain challenges are fun games that can take many forms, such as riddles or visual puzzles.

But whatever their presentation or difficulty, they are excellent ways of stimulating the brain while having fun.

The visual test offers you an ideal opportunity to assess your analytical and visual skills. Take advantage of this test a fun and entertaining way to pass time and measure your skills.

Observation test: “Can you find where the carrots are in this picture?”

To solve today’s visual puzzle as quickly as possible, think of a specific situation.

For the duration of this challenge, imagine yourself in the setting of a fruit and vegetable market. This will help you reason more logically and in line with today’s test.

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The following image is made up of several squares of fruit and vegetables in a shop. Your challenge is to find the location of the carrots.

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Don’t forget to start your stopwatch to measure how quickly you solve this visual puzzle.

Are you ready? Now it’s your turn!

Visual test: The right answer

The best observers managed to find the carrots in under 10 seconds. The geniuses even managed it in under 5 seconds. How long did it take you to find the carrots among all the vegetables?

If you finish this visual test in under 10 seconds, it means you’ve got sharp eyes and an agile mind; you’ve got an eye for detail.

On the other hand, if it took you longer to find them, it means you still need to improve your speed of observation and/or analysis.

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Luckily for you, we know how to help. Remember that IQ tests and visual challenges are effective brain exercises for developing observation skills, concentration and speed of thought. So train with our fun visual puzzles in your spare time and see how your attention to detail and speed improve over time!

You can see the solution to today’s visual test below:

The solution

Carrots are actually in the same box as potatoes. Look carefully in the top box in the right-hand corner of the picture, you can see carrots hidden behind the potatoes.

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