Visual riddle: Can you find the errors in the image in under 15 seconds?


Visual Riddle of the day has been specially designed to challenge what you see, by captivating your mind with misleading facts.

It asks you to find 4 well-hidden errors in the image, in less than 15 seconds.

To solve it, you’ll need excellent analytical and observational skills to uncover the anomalies.

Presentation of the visual riddle: find 4 errors in under 15 seconds

The visual riddle presents you with an image of a street with buildings and pedestrians.

At first glance, everything looks normal, but we’ve subtly slipped 4 errors into this picture. If you want to solve this riddle, you have to do it as quickly as possible, i.e. in under 15 seconds.

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Your observation skills will be put to the test in this visual test as you examine a charming image.

As you study the scene, you’ll notice that you’ll need to concentrate hard. So don’t hesitate to put yourself in a quiet place to get away from any distractions.

Answer the visual riddle: find the mistakes in under 15 seconds

The 15 seconds are up! Have you managed to find the 4 errors subtly hidden in this image?

If so, we congratulate you – you’ve got an extraordinary sense of observation. You can practice your skills by taking the other tests on our site.

If you couldn’t solve this riddle, you can practice by taking other, less difficult visual tests. By sharpening your eyes, you’ll not only develop your visual skills, but also your intellectual capacity. If you’d like to compare your answer, take a look at the image below:

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  • The first mistake is the traffic light. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have a red light, but only a green and a yellow one.
  • The second anomaly concerns the bus in front of the car. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that it has no door.
  • The third anomaly can also be seen on the bus in front of the car. The bus can’t travel on the road, as there are no rails.
  • The fourth anomaly is the date on the poster, which must be December 31.

If you enjoyed this visual puzzle, please share it with your friends and family. It’s an effective and fun way to test their skills while having a good time with your friends.

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