Visual riddle – prove you have perfect vision by finding the number 71 in 10 seconds

Visual riddle - prove you have perfect vision by finding the number 71 in 10 seconds

The visual challenge of the day has been specially designed to test your vision. It consists of finding the number 71 among all these numbers as quickly as possible, i.e. in less than 10 seconds.

Presentation of the visual challenge: find number 71 in under 10 seconds

The visual puzzle is designed to test your visual acuity and observation skills. It’s a seemingly easy challenge. You have to find the number 71 in less than 10 seconds.


To succeed this test, you must have perfect vision, but also very good concentration and insight.

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More than just a hobby, this visual puzzle is an invitation to explore the vast possibilities of your mind. That’s why it’s an excellent way of testing your visual acuity and your ability to quickly identify specific details in a complex context.

Why solve visual puzzles?

Visual puzzles are a type of entertainment that play a crucial role in improving your cognitive skills. They are designed to stimulate your creativity, sharpen your observation skills and enhance your concentration. So the more you play, the more you’ll hone your skills.

Solving this type of puzzle can help you develop lateral thinking. This is a crucial skill that will come in handy in real-life situations where you need to reason outside the box to find the solution.

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How to find the number 71 as quickly as possible?

To solve this puzzle as quickly as possible, you need to stay calm. If your mind is agitated, you’ll find it even harder to spot the intruder in the picture.

So don’t hesitate to find a quiet spot far from any source of distraction, where you can concentrate as fully as possible.

Scan the picture quickly but methodically, paying attention to details as well as the whole picture.

You can start by eliminating areas of the picture that do not contain the number 71. Adopt a global approach, avoiding concentration on a single part of the picture.

Try to strike a balance between speed and accuracy to find the intruder in the time available.

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Answer the visual riddle: find the intruder in under 10 seconds

Congratulations if you’ve managed to find the number 71 in under 10 seconds. But if you haven’t, you can see the answer in the image below.

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