Visual test: A dish like no other. You’ve got 10 seconds to find the difference!


The brain often makes a series of observation errors that alter our perception of the world. These errors, often linked to carelessness or lack of focus, can cause us to miss crucial details.

One of the most common errors is inattentional blindness. In this case, selective attention leads us to ignore unexpected elements in our field of vision.

Visual tests like this one are a fascinating way of discovering just how deceptive our brains can be. By putting your ability to perceive nuance to the test, you might be surprised by details you tend to overlook on a daily basis.

Then find out this challenge to understand your own observation habits and appreciate the wealth of information in your environment.

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Try to complete this challenge in under 10 seconds!

Here’s a picture showing a table with several delicious dishes. These dishes share a similar appearance, with prepared eggs adorning each dish. However, among them, there is an intruder, a dish that stands out.

Your role is to scrutinize every detail and identify the dish that stands out from the rest. You’ll have just 10 seconds to spot the odd one out. Are you up to the challenge and ready to show off your talent?


Some practical tips for solving this visual test

To limit errors when searching, avoid distractions and concentrate fully on the image.

Take the time you need to examine every detail of each dish. For example, start by examining the eggs, then move on to the bacon, the side dishes, and so on.

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Go back and forth between dishes to make sure you don’t miss any differences.

If you feel tired or your concentration wanes, take a break and come back later.

The solution

If you’ve noticed that one dish seems to stand out from the others because of the apparent absence of an egg, congratulations! Your perspicacity has triumphed, and you’ve brilliantly identified the intruder. This famous dish can be found at the top right of the picture.

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For those who may have overlooked this minute difference, don’t be discouraged. Retake this test to hone your observation skills.

More puzzles

Incorporate observation exercises into your daily routine, whether by performing visual tests, examining everyday scenes, works of art or architectural details. Practice makes perfect.

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Explore other games that challenge your visual perception, such as observation-based board games or online visual puzzles. You’ll find plenty of these on our site. These activities help to sharpen your sense of observation in an entertaining way.

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