Visual test: An intruder is hiding among these tigers. Can you identify him in under 10 seconds?


Observation feeds curiosity and stimulates creativity. This challenge invites you to take a good look, breathe deeply and savour every moment.

By developing your ability to observe, you enrich your experience and cultivate a deeper connection with the environment and with ourselves.

Visit a test which will enable you to improve this skill.

How does the challenge work?

At this challenge, you’re faced with a picture of tigers resting side by side. However, among them lurks an imposter, an intruder who skilfully blends into the landscape.

Your mission is to unmask him in less than 10 seconds.

Every detail counts in this visual quest. Stripes, shades of color, contours – nothing must escape your gaze.

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The real challenge lies in discerning the minute differences between the tigers and the usurper. With this test, you train your mind to observe carefully, to analyze clues and to be perceptive.

Practical tips

Take a close look at the physical characteristics of tigers, such as ear shape, eye size, stripe pattern, coat texture, etc.

Compare these details between the animals in the image to detect differences.

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Think about what might seem strange or unusual about the scene. Find, for example, a tiger with a different posture or expression.

Take the time to examine every part of the image, even the smallest or least obvious areas.

If you don’t immediately discover the intruder, take a break and come back to it later with fresh eyes. A fresh perspective will help you spot what you missed before.

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The answer

Among the resting tigers, the intruder who has slipped discreetly among them is in the second row on the right . His coat, although similar to that of the tigers, has distinct shades with patterns slightly different from those of the other tigers .


For those whose eyes were sharp enough to spot this dissimilarity, we offer our sincerest congratulations! Your sense of observation and insight are exceptional.

For those of you who didn’t manage to spot the intruder, don’t be discouraged. These observation challenges are designed to test your senses. Even the most obvious details can sometimes escape our attention.

Keep honing your eyes and exercising your mind, as every attempt is an opportunity for learning and growth.

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More puzzles

After successfully completing this challenge, continue the adventure! Invite your friends and family to discover other riddles and share the experience.

Perform other observation tests. Take the plunge and share in the magic!

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