Visual test: Can you find the vampire hidden among the guests in under 30 seconds?


In this visual testyou’ll need to discover the vampire among the guests before he starts attacking them.

To do this, you’ll need to keep your eyes open and your analytical skills sharp. Try to solve this visual puzzle will not only help you exercise your vision, but also distract you. Do you feel up to the challenge the challenge ? The image below is waiting for you.

Vampire test: can you locate the vampire in 30 seconds flat?

If you want to pass this visual test, you’ll need two things: vision as sharp as an eagle’s and excellent powers of observation.

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In the picture, you’ll see people from another era gathered for an important event. However, among the guests is an intruder: a vampire. Your mission will be to identify him.


If you keep your eyes open, the solution to this test is at hand. Analyze every detail of the room and every person and you’ll find the vampire in question.

That said, to spice up the game, you need to get there in under 30 seconds. If you succeed within the allotted time, it means your eyesight is fine.

Solving an eye test: a good way to sharpen your vision

In many ways, visual challenges are more than just “find the odd one out” games. Sure, they’re a good way to keep yourself entertained from time to time. But they’re also invaluable for sharpening your vision and testing your powers of observation.

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They also improve your visual acuity, which is often in short supply on a daily basis. They also determine the quality of your eyesight and your level of concentration. They also measure your sense of analysis and observation.

Taking on these challenges is a good way to exercise your eyes and improve your problem-solving skills.

Test solution: where is the intruder hiding at the party?

Were you able to spot the vampire among the guests in less than 30 seconds? Did you discover the detail that betrayed his presence among the humans? In fact, our intruder is on the far right of the picture.

He’s the one in the blue suit chatting with the man in the garnet suit.He’s easily recognizable by his protruding, fang-like canine teeth. What’s more, he has no reflection in the mirror in the background.

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Is this your answer too? If not, there’s no need to feel depressed. You can improve your vision and pass other similar tests by practicing with our vision tests.

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