Visual test: Can you identify the anomaly in this image?


Have you ever thought about what lies behind the ordinary appearance of a railway station, the place we use every day to travel long distances?

Even though they’re commonplace places, they harbor a surprising secret, a unique peculiarity concealed in their innocuous appearance.

How could the discovery of this special feature change the way you look at this familiar place? This visual test will surprise you. Take it to find the answer and unlock the mystery.

How this test works

In this visual testyour task is to scrutinize an image. It shows two trains passing each other in a station.

The vivid colors of white and gray, and the bright red of the carriages, quickly captivate the eye.

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However, behind this seemingly ordinary scene, lies a surprising anomalyan unsuspected detail. What could that be? It’s up to you to find out.


No constraints are imposed on you to solve this puzzle. However, if you’re participating in a group, creating a competitive atmosphere may encourage your mind to push its own limits.

Are you ready to take on this challenge? Take your place and prepare to triumph in this test of concentration and observation skills!

Some useful tips

  • Give yourself time to look at every detail of the painting.
  • The colors could be a clue. Look for exceptional shades or something that stands out.
  • Look at the way the trains pass each other. Is there anything unusual about their position or the way they occupy station space?
  • Sometimes, anomalies are hidden in elements that don’t seem to have a direct connection with the main scene. Scrutinize every part of the picture, even those that seem insignificant.
  • Be curious in your approach. Puzzles often require a different perspective or an unconventional way of thinking.
  • If you’re playing in a group, share your observations and opinions. Collaboration leads to faster discoveries.
  • Don’t settle on a preconceived idea. Be prepared to adjust your perspective as you go along.
  • Enjoy every step of the puzzle-solving process. Relaxation and enjoyment can free your mind to serenely take on this challenge.
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The solution

Have you managed to find the anomaly? Congratulations, you really do have excellent observation skills.

If you missed the answer, just look at the image below to find out: train carriages always have doors on both sides.

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Did you enjoy this test? Did you find the answer?

If you failed, don’t be disappointed. There are plenty of other challenges awaiting you. Keep practicing to see the world differently.

Invite your friends and family to join you in this fascinating visual challenge.

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