Visual test: can you identify the different pancakes in less than 10 seconds?


Here’s a visual test for intrepid souls! Hold on tight, because it’s not easy. It will test your neurons and your eyes. In this world where everything can change so quickly, it’s time to give your inner genius and vision a boost.

This test has been designed to stimulate your brain and test your powers of observation. It’ll give you a whole new perspective on your surroundings.

So, are you ready for adventure? Get ready for action, and let’s go for an extraordinary experience!

How does the challenge work?

This time, you have to work on an image showing a mosaic of pancakes. At first glance, they look identical. But one of them is different from the others.

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How do you spot it, you ask? Your eyes and your sense of observation will be your allies. Your concentration will also become a formidable tool. But be careful! You’ll only have 10 seconds to complete this test.

So get ready to solve this visual riddle that has managed to baffle even some experts!

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and prove that you’re unbeatable? Then show us your skills!

Practical tips

In this visual test, you’ll have to use your wits. You’ll have to use your brain to find the different pancakes. Unless you’re a genius.

However, the search will be easier and faster if you focus your eyes and attention on each dish. By taking on this challenge, you train your eyes and brain to remember details, and spot mistakes.

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Next, you can also scan the image from top to bottom and right to left. This is a simple trick that works for a variety of situations.

So, if you adopt these habits, you’ll be able to detect anomalies in everyday life.

The answer

Because every trouble deserves a reward, here’s the solution you’ve all been waiting for. Atypical pancakes is located in the 2nd column, on the 2nd row of pancakes, on the right of the picture.

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Congratulations if you’ve discovered this site. You’re definitely a special person. Your sense of observation is worthy of a great detective.

If, on the other hand, you’ve missed the little detail, that doesn’t mean you’re no good. You just need to train your brain and eyes a little more.

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Make visual tests part of your routine to reap their benefits.

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