Visual test: Can you spot the intruder before the countdown ends?


This visual test tests your ability to discern detail, analyze visual information quickly and react instantly. You’ll be immersed in a demanding visual quest, requiring great concentration and mental agility.

Go to this test and discover the limits of your visual acuity. Do you dare challenge your friends, family or even colleagues to see who has the best powers of observation?

Then get ready for an unprecedented visual adventure in which only the most perceptive will triumph. Are you ready for the challenge?

How does the challenge work?

The picture to be processed reveals a group of small men dressed in brightly-colored construction outfits, all wearing bright smiles. At first glance, they look identical, but beware, for among them hides an atypical intruder.

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The challenge is to spot a different person in less than 10 seconds.. That little detail that distinguishes her from the others will test your reactivity and your ability to quickly analyze visual information. Every second counts, and only the most perceptive will succeed in unmasking the intruder.

Get ready and find a quiet spot to solve this riddle. Immerse yourself in this thrilling visual adventure. Are you ready to defy time to discover this little man with a difference? The countdown starts now!

Some practical tips

Carefully examine the characters’ clothing from head to toe (helmets, vests, gloves, etc.). Inspect them one by one so you don’t miss a clue. Look for different shades or patterns.

Make a quick comparison between the figures. Look for elements that stand out or seem distinct from the others.

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Don’t be fooled by the obvious, such as major changes.

Trust your brain. It often picks up on differences at first glance.

Pay attention to the whole picture. The intruder may be hiding in the corners or on the edges.

The solution

The atypical man is on the second line of the picture from the top, on the left. If you’ve looked carefully, you’ll have noticed that, unlike the others, he has an earpiece microphone.


If you’ve noticed this little detail, your powers of observation are exceptional! Congratulations on your speed and ability to spot anomalies. You have incredible visual skills!

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, don’t be discouraged! Tests like this are a fun way to improve your ability to detect the smallest details.

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Next time, try focusing on different aspects of the characters, especially the props. Keep practicing your powers of observation.

Share this visual test and do it as many times as you like!

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