Visual test: find the error in this image in less than 20 seconds!


Basketball is an exciting sport. It provokes effluvia in players and spectators alike.

The test The following is about this intense and aggressive sport. But instead of challenging your body, it will test the agility of your brain and the affinity of your eyes.

These two closely linked organs work in synergy to analyze the situations around us every day.

This time, they will be called upon to solve a problem that is far from trivial. Hold on tight, this test will challenge your intelligence? Are you ready? Let’s get started!

How does the challenge work?

In this testyour eyes and your brain will be the main players. You’ll have to visualize an image and identify the error hidden within it in less than 20 seconds. To do this, you’ll need to concentrate and use your powers of observation.

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The image shows two players apparently playing basketball. The two teams are quite distinct, with players wearing blue jerseys on one side and red on the other. There are a total of 5 players on the court, one of whom is performing a dunk.

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Beyond the ordinary appearance of this picture lies a mistake that 95% of people won’t notice. But what about you? Can you identify this anomaly?

Some practical tips

To solve the visual test successfully, start by examining the image as a whole.

Identify key elements such as the teams, the number of players and the action in progress. Analyze each player individually, paying particular attention to details such as posture and interactions.

Take the time you need to study the image. Patience will reveal details easily missed. What’s more, concentration and observation are the key to this challenge.

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Use your basketball knowledge to spot inconsistencies related to the game or equipment.

Trust your instincts, but don’t be afraid to ask others for their opinions to get a different perspective.

The solution

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, the revelation of the answer. But before that, did you know that the brain can adjust its perception according to context? This ability enables it to distinguish subtle details in a variety of situations.

Did you find the answer? If so, congratulations! Your brain is working exceptionally well.

If you haven’t found the answer, here it is. In fact, if you look closely at the picture, you’ll already notice that it’s a basketball game. However, the ball used is a soccer ball. That was the anomaly to look for. Look at the image below for a better view of this answer.

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