Visual test: Find the number 8400 in under 15 seconds to prove you’re exceptional!


Our brains are endowed with a variety of amazing skills. Its ability to react quickly, think nimbly, detect the smallest details and maintain sustained concentration is essential to our daily lives.

The speed with which we react and think enables us to adapt our actions to situations as quickly as possible.

Our sense of observation gives us the opportunity to perceive even the smallest elements passing before our eyes.

Concentration, a key element of mental productivity, plays a crucial role in the accomplishment of demanding tasks.

To reinforce these skills, we suggest a visual test to stimulate your brain in a fun way. By solving this riddleyou’re helping to develop your cognitive skills.

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Ready to push your limits?

How does the challenge work?

You’re about to put your thinking skills, reactivity and composure to the test. This test will also assess your ability to maintain concentration within a set timeframe, while challenging your mind to react quickly and accurately.

The aim is to spot the number 8400, cleverly hidden among a hundred or so digits 8480.


In just 15 seconds, your brain will have to be agile to distinguish between these almost similar figures.

If you’re up to the challenge and ready to reveal the full extent of your skills, the countdown starts now!

The importance of this visual test

This test has a significant impact on the brain, as it stimulates various areas of your cerebral sphere. Spotting numbers in a complex array enhances visual perception and discernment. What’s more, this search mobilizes the brain’s powers of observation and reaction speed.

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The addition of a time limit amplifies the importance of this test. This constraint creates mental pressure, encouraging the brain to operate with great speed.

This timed challenge forces your intelligence to push its limits and build cognitive resilience. It also improves your ability to observe even under pressure.

The answer

The suspense is over! First of all, you should know that finding the number 8400 among all these numbers was quite a difficult task. Confusion was inevitable, as even the most seasoned minds had a hard time figuring it out.

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If you didn’t find that number, remember that this visual challenge was designed to test your powers of observation. This test is also an opportunity to explore the intricacies of your brain and push your own cerebral limits.

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If you pass, congratulations! Your insight and quick thinking have shone through. Keep cultivating your talents and take on more challenges like these.

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