Visual test: Identify the error in this image – you’ve got 15 seconds to find it!


Whether in everyday life or at work, the ability to distinguish details is the key to success. It’s the key to understanding, solving problems and avoiding costly mistakes.

To improve this skill, here are a visual test for the brave. Not only will it assess your cognitive functions, it will also help you hone your skills. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

How does the challenge work?

How the test is simple. Before your eyes is a charming painting. It shows a park with people of all ages, busy with various activities. Although this painting looks normal, it conceals a significant error.


Your role is to identify this anomaly in less than 15 seconds.. Use a stopwatch to measure your performance. Better still, challenge your friends to add a little spice to the experience. Whoever comes up with the answer first will win the game.

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Practical tips

The following tips apply to everyone challenges of this kind. Then it’s up to you to identify the possible error(s).

Check that the proportions and perspectives of the objects in the picture are correct.

Look closely at the shadows. Shadows must be consistent with the direction of light in the painting. A misplaced or unrealistic shadow can reveal an anomaly.

Check the number of limbs in each individual.

Look carefully at the faces of the people in the table. Inappropriate expressions or expressions not compatible with the activity described may indicate an error.

Look for elements that don’t seem to match the time or place depicted.

Check that natural elements such as trees, flowers and sky are presented realistically.

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The clothing of the people in the painting should be appropriate to the period or context.

The answer

Are you done? Did you find the error? Without further ado, here’s the answer.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the little granny sitting on the bench has no shadow. That was the anomaly to discover.

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Many people have failed at this challenge, because they’ve focused their attention on everything in the picture except the shadows. Yet these are important details. The shadow of the bench, on the other hand, was very present. This superimposition made the search even more difficult.

Only people with a highly developed sense of detail were able to pass this test. So you can be proud of yourself if you’ve found the right answer.

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More puzzles

This test is just a taste. There are still countless challenges waiting to be solved. By solving puzzles on a daily basis, you’ll quickly develop exceptional skills.

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