Visual test: identify the special cupcake in this picture!


This visual test will test your powers of observation and concentration. Far from being a simple game, it left many participants perplexed.

Get ready for a unique adventure where every detail is essential. This challenge is to spot a tiny difference in a seemingly normal image.

Make yourself comfortable, sharpen your senses and discover the unexpected extent of your perception. Be surprised by your skills!

How does the challenge work?

At this visual challenge you’re tasked with identifying the intruder among a mouth-watering selection of cupcakes. Although there’s no time constraint, every second sparks the desire to unveil the hidden mystery.

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This test has the power to transform all participants into intrepid explorers and seasoned detectives. It pushes the boundaries and makes you capable of seeing what escapes the untrained eye.

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So get ready. By accepting this challenge, you’re about to embark on a unique visual adventure.

Some practical tips

This visual test can turn more than one head. The image is characterized by colors, patterns, shapes and so on. You’ll get lost in the details if you’re not careful!

Indeed, this kind of challenge requires good observation and concentration. To achieve this, put yourself in a quiet place before you start.

Then scan the picture from top to bottom and left to right, without rushing. Examine each cupcake one by one and study it thoroughly.

If you feel tired, take a break.

The solution

Through this challenge, the brain demonstrates its ability to process information easily, whatever the context. Obviously, this is different for every individual, but…

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Keep in mind that you either win, or you learn. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve failed. Perseverance will pay off over time.

So here’s the long-awaited answer. The abnormal cupcake is on the right of the picture. You’ll notice that it contains one more cookie than the other cupcakes.

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If you found the food strange, your sense of observation is very sharp indeed. Few people possess this ability, it’s a real feat. Your ability to analyze details makes you exceptional.

More puzzles

Visual tests are exercises for the brain. As well as giving it a workout, they also sharpen your eyes and improve your reactivity. So why not spice things up a bit by proposing some riddles to your friends and family? Set the mood by challenging everyone. Let the competition begin!

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