Visual test: solve this mathematical puzzle in under 20 seconds if you can!


This challenge is designed to challenge your brain in less than 20 seconds! Mathematical puzzles actively stimulate your intelligence, improve your cognitive reactivity and develop your intellectual ability.

By taking part in this test fast, you engage your mind in a captivating exercise that reinforces logic and mathematical skills.

The benefits of puzzles on mental health are undeniable. As well as bringing pleasure, they also promote the production of neurotransmitters and improve concentration and memory.

So, are you ready to challenge your brain? Test yourself now and discover the many facets of your intelligence in the blink of an eye!

How does the challenge work?

In this puzzle, you’ll have to juggle a series of enigmatic numbers, each revealing a crucial clue to the final problem. Each equation leads to a unique answer, but the test is to find the underlying logic.

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The numbers are like pieces of a mathematical puzzle, and your mission is to decipher the pattern that unites them.

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You’ve passed this test if you manage to discover the answer to the last equation. Time is an added pressure, as there is a strict limit of 20 seconds. This allows you to assess your speed and efficiency.

Some practical tips

To solve this test quickly, adopt these strategic tips. First of all, analyze the figures provided as quickly as possible and identify the sequences.

The answers follow a pre-established logic, such as an arithmetic progression or alternating numbers. Next, focus on key numbers that might indicate an underlying rule, such as squares, multiples, or odd/even numbers.

Also use the principle of elimination by evaluating the answer options one by one. An incorrect answer can be discarded immediately by applying simple rules.

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Don’t dwell on one equation for too long, move on to the next if it seems too complex, then return to it if time permits. Speed of thought is crucial.

The answer

To the geniuses who have successfully unraveled the mysteries, congratulations! You’ve brilliantly identified the logic behind the equations and found the correct answer, which is 99. Your mental agility and insight are admirable, illustrating your exceptional intelligence.

3 2 7 the solution is (3×2)+1 = 7

5 4 23 the solution is (5×4)+3 = 23

7 6 47 the solution is (7×6)+5 = 47

9 8 79 the solution is (9×8)+7 = 79

10 9 99 the solution is (10×9)+9 = 99

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For those who haven’t discovered the answer, remember that every riddle is an opportunity to develop your skills.

The path to the solution may sometimes be winding, but every attempt strengthens your intellectual resilience. Keep challenging yourself, exploring new concepts and practicing regularly. Mastery of mathematical puzzles comes with practice and perseverance.

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