Visual test: Stimulate your sense of observation by finding the intruder in the image in 15 seconds.


We have no doubt that visual puzzles can be an excellent leisure activity in your daily routine.

What’s more, they help improve your concentration and strengthen your problem-solving skills.

Do you want to be entertained? Visit a challenge that will stimulate you and let you have a good time at the same time. Get ready to put your skills to the test.

Eye test: “Which of these tigers looks like no other?”

The image below is made up of tiger heads. If at first glance you have the impression that all these tigers look alike, think again. There’s one that stands out.

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Your observation test of the day is to spot this intruder. This will prove that you have eagle eyes and a keen eye for detail.

And to make this visual challenge even more stimulating and fun, you must manage to solve this riddle in under 15 seconds. Be aware that this time is still too long for geniuses. So you need to get it right.


A word of advice before you start today’s visual test: even if you’re given a tight deadline, take your time to observe every detail of the image, and don’t rush into things if you risk missing important clues.

Are you ready? Now it’s your turn!

IQ Test: The right answer

Are the 15 seconds up? Have you found the only different tiger in the pack? Compare your answer with the solution below:

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The solution

The tiger that looks like no other in this picture is in the second row from the right. Unlike all his fellow tigers, this one closes his eyes.

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Have you found the right tiger? Well done, you’ve got keen eyes and an excellent sense of observation?

If not, we encourage you to exercise your visual skills and your mind often enough to develop these assets.

Since visual tests of this kind put our brains and observation skills to the test, they’ll be perfect for practising.

Discover all our brain challenges on our website, and don’t forget to invite your friends and family to prove their intelligence too!

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