Visual test: The difference that makes all the difference. Find it in under 15 seconds!


The tricks the brain plays on us often become reality when we lack concentration. Distraction opens the door to a world of illusions and misleading interpretations.

The persistence of these mental mirages reveals the power of our psyche to alter reality.

Here then a test that will help you improve both your powers of observation and your concentration. Beware, it will be difficult.

A minority have managed to complete it. So hold on tight, take a deep breath and launch yourself into this challenge challenge. We’re off!

How does the challenge work?

The image in front of you shows a delicious row of waffles, generously topped with chocolate sauce and crowned with a scoop of ice cream.

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However, among these delights, one escapes the norm by displaying a different presentation. Your mission is to spot the intruder in this symphony.


Focus your attention on each waffle, carefully examining the texture, the color of the chocolate and the ice cream. The difference lies in one of these elements. To spice things up the test, you’ll have just 15 seconds to find the intruder.

Some practical tips

  • Look for color shades.
  • Carefully examine the shape of each waffle.
  • Concentrate on the distribution of chocolate and ice cream.
  • Observe the overall arrangement of the waffles.

Details at the edges of the image may reveal clues. Take a look at the wafers near the sides of the image.

Compare the features of the wafers with each other.

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The answer

You’ve fought well, now it’s time for the reward! The answer you’ve been looking for is hidden in the second column on the left, precisely at the level of the 2nd waffle.

If you’ve spotted the strawberry added to this delicious creation, congratulations on your careful observation! You’ve succeeded in finding the intruder.

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To all those who deciphered this detail, hats off to you for your insight! For those who may have been stumped, don’t be discouraged. Visual puzzles are designed to stimulate perception. The more you fail, the more you learn new strategies.

Feel free to try this test again, or explore others. Invite your friends and family and share the experience with them.

More riddles await you on our site!

This test highlights the value of careful observation. Differences can often be discreet, but it’s by paying attention to details – like the added strawberry in this case – that you can find the intruder.

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From then on, visual tests are learning opportunities. If you’ve found the answer, that’s a victory. If you’ve missed the intruder, it’s a chance to improve.

Life is rich in often overlooked details. This test reminds you to savor those moments of observation and discovery. Discover a whole series of tests of all kinds on our website!

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