Visual test: there’s an intruder in the kitchen! But where is he hiding?


Training your eyes to spot hidden objects is an important part of improving your visual capacity and understanding of the world around you.

By exercising these organs, we strengthen their connection with our brain, making our visual perception faster and more accurate.

This exercise is useful in many fields, such as security, search and rescue, and art.

Being able to detect subtle details is becoming a much-needed skill in this ever-changing world. This test contains everything you need to improve your observation skills.

How does the challenge work?

The kitchen is a fascinating place, always full of pleasant surprises. However, the image below reveals a place with potential that goes beyond a simple room for preparing meals.

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This visual test puts you at challenge to find the unusual element hidden in this room.


Will you be able to identify the intruder? Take your time, examine every detail carefully to find out. Many people have tried to solve this riddle, but few have succeeded. So concentrate as hard as you can, and don’t let yourself get distracted.

Some practical tips

First of all, adopt a methodical approach by examining the image systematically, from left to right and top to bottom.

  • Use your peripheral vision to capture subtle details.
  • Mentally zoom in on parts that may reveal hidden elements.
  • Pay attention to color nuances and contrasts.
  • Take time to visualize the painting as a whole to understand the context.
  • Use your creativity to see shapes and patterns from different angles.
  • Finally, stay calm and focused to avoid overlooking crucial clues. Keep observing – you may have an eagle eye without knowing it!
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The solution

This test was particularly difficult. If you found the special object, well done! You have impressive observation skills. If you didn’t find it, don’t worry, just look at the image below.

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Actually, it’s a mirror, an accessory that doesn’t really belong in a kitchen. But it’s normal not to notice it right away. The important thing is to have fun looking for it.

Being able to detect details is particularly crucial, especially in professions where quick decisions are required. Your visual challenge is a fun example of this skill.

Finding hidden elements can be difficult, but it allows you to spot details that others might miss. The key is to enjoy yourself and continue training to develop this skill.

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