Visual test: Where is the mistake hidden in this picture? Find the answer in less than 15 seconds!


Our eyes often play tricks on us. Indeed, when the brain is subjected to a lot of stimuli, it focuses only on the essential.

As a result, you miss out on details that can be amusing, fascinating or even very important. To deal with this, you need to train your brain to spot anomalies as soon as they occur. This visual puzzle is a great way to practice this. Now it’s your turn!

How does the challenge work?

To succeed this test, you’ll have to identify the errors hidden within this image. At first glance, there are just people on bicycles. But what’s behind it? Find the answer as quickly as possible to win the game. this challenge.

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If you want to add a little more fun, invite your friends to join in solving this riddle. Set a time limit, e.g. 15 seconds. Whoever finds the mistakes first will be the champion.

Some practical tips

To succeed in this challenge, your eyes will be the key organs. Your concentration will also need to be at its peak. After all, this is a complex picture with a lot of detail. First of all, take a close look at the people in the picture. Inspect their clothes, accessories, bodies and so on.

Next, check their bikes point by point.

Finally, you’ll want to take a look at their surroundings.

When there’s a lot of detail, it’s best to scrutinize every part of the image meticulously so you don’t forget anything.

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The answer

Where is the error? There are 2 anomalies in this image.

The first concerns the cyclist in green. On closer inspection, you’ll notice that his bicycle has no rear wheel.

The second abnormality refers to the cyclist in red. For this one, his bicycle is missing a pedal.


These errors were not easy to find. Congratulations to those who succeeded. You are among the exceptional.

If you haven’t found the anomalies, don’t give up hope! Continue your training. Practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the more you’ll develop your skills and become unbeatable in your own right.

Why do visual tests?

There are many more challenges waiting to be met. Share them with your friends and family. Have fun while you hone your skills.

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In fact, these tests preserve and improve mental skills such as memory, attention, problem-solving and decision-making.

They enable you to better apprehend the world around you, to be more vigilant in the event of danger, and to be more reactive in delicate situations.

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