Visual test: where’s the bird hiding? Test your visual skills!


Vision is fundamental to understanding the world around you. It’s crucial not to take it for granted, but rather to continually cultivate it.

By directing your attention to detail, you open a window onto the wealth of information around you.

Stimulating your vision goes beyond mere visual acuity; it’s also an exercise for the brain, a mental gymnastics that strengthens your ability to discern all variations and interpret facts.

If you neglect this skill, you run the risk of missing essential elements, subtle nuances that escape a superficial glance.

Awake vision enriches your understanding of the world, refines your judgment and nurtures your creativity.

So it’s imperative to spend time conscientiously observing, questioning what your eyes are picking up, and integrating this information into an active thought process.

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In this way, by making your vision and your brain work in harmony, you embrace a more complete and enlightened perspective on the reality around you.

How does the challenge work?

In the midst of a snow-covered scene, we present a challenge interesting challenge: find a little bird that has fallen out of its nest.

This beautiful painting a visual enigma unique. To solve it, carefully examine every corner and analyze every nuance of color to locate the fragile bird.


Tree trunks become clues, and the undulating snow becomes a search ground.

This quest is rather difficult. So you’ll need all your attention. Keep distractions at bay, make yourself comfortable, and off you go!

Some useful tips

Look carefully at every corner of the image. Details contain crucial clues.

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Focus your eyes on the different shades of green in the picture.

Look for unusual shapes, color variations or anomalies that might signal the bird’s presence. The bird might adopt a posture that sets it apart from the rest of the greenery.

Scan the grass for features that stand out or could form the silhouette of the bird.

Be patient and persevere. To succeed, you may have to look at the image from different angles.

Solve the puzzle in a quiet, distraction-free environment. This will enable you to concentrate fully on the search.

The answer

Would you like a hint? If you really feel you’re stuck, take a look at the image below to discover the answer.

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Did you like this test? Take part in other challenges on the site to improve your skills.

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Each exercise sharpens your eye and gives you the opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities of human perception.

Cultivate your vision, broaden your horizons and discover the unsuspected beauty that lies in every detail of our world.

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