Visual test: where’s the intruder? Put your visual and analytical skills to the test!


Get ready to embark on a unique adventure. Visit a challenge that will stimulate all your senses and test your visual acuity.

In this world, optical illusions are commonplace. So every little detail is essential.

During this testyou’ll have to spot a tiny difference in the heart of a picture that looks normal. It’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, but with a touch of mystery.

So, ready to dive in this visual quest? Make yourself comfortable, sharpen your senses, and prepare to be amazed by the extent of your perception… or perhaps by what you might not see!

How does the challenge work?

Come on, adventurers! Get ready for the tastiest visual test ever! In this challenge, you’ll be confronted with a variety of dishes featuring deliciously cooked eggs and crispy bacon, repeated as far as the eye can see.

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But beware, there’s a little anomaly in the bunch, and it’s up to you to unearth it without any clues or ready answers.

It’s a bit like playing hide-and-seek with eggs and bacon; a gastronomic challenge like no other! Study this culinary symphony and scan every nook and cranny with the precision of a Michelin-starred chef in search of the secret ingredient.

The key to success? A keen sense of observation and concentration. Take a moment to put your brain to work on this riddle.

This may seem like an easy test, but think again: it’s going to seriously challenge your visual and analytical skills. So, are you ready to embark on this visual adventure full of flavors and surprises? Let the hunt for the intruder begin!

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The solution

This challenge shows how the brain can juggle visual information. It shows that it can be as mischievous as a mischievous cat. And guess why.

Know that even the most basic riddles can conceal scientific explanations that we can’t imagine!

Did you win the challenge? If so, congratulations are in order for your incredible powers of observation. It’s a real mental feat.

If, on the other hand, the answer was more elusive than the mystery itself, don’t panic! It’s no problem at all. We simply suggest that you take up this kind of challenge more often. You know, it’ll be like brain training to stimulate your neurons and awaken your intellectual capacities.

Now, if you’re ready to discover the solution and lift the veil on the mystery, the image below will reveal all its secrets.

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The difference is that the coriander leaf is different from the others.


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