Watering orchids in winter: Golden rules to care for your plant during the cold months


Orchids are plants delicate and beautiful. But because they are sensitive to the environment, it’s important to understand how to care for them.

It’s particularly important to know how to water your orchid correctly during the winter.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you care for your orchid during the colder months.

In this article, we’ll explain tips and tricks for watering your orchid over winter.

The importance of winter watering

Watering orchids is crucial, but even more so in winter! It’s important to maintain a good water balance, as the cold can prevent the water reservoir from evaporating. A lack of water can lead to root death and, consequently, the death of your orchid.

Similarly, too much water can be just as harmful, as it can cause root waterlogging.

So it’s vital to find the right balance and water regularly throughout the winter. For a healthy orchid, you’ll need to make sure it receives an appropriate amount of moisture every week.

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Understanding the orchid cycle

Orchids are plants known for their long flowering period and magnificent colors. However, to keep them healthy, it is important to understand their cycle. They need a number of conditions to flower and grow properly. Light and temperature are the main factors, but watering is also very important.

The orchid cycle is linked to the season. In summer, they need to be watered often, as this season is generally hot and humid. In winter, however, they need less frequent watering, as temperatures are lower and it’s better to let them rest.

Howevera certain amount of watering during this period can help prevent disease and keep the plant healthy.

Best practices for watering orchids in winter

In winter, orchids need to be watered, but more sparingly than in summer. To water your orchid correctly, here are a few best practices to follow:

  • Water less frequentlyOnce or twice a week, depending on variety and temperature.
  • Pour a smaller quantityThe substrate should be moist enough but not soggy.
  • Use water at room temperaturenot too hot or too cold.
  • Avoid leavesWater can lodge in them and cause disease.
  • Don’t spray the orchidThe moisture may accumulate on the leaves and encourage the development of disease.
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In winter, you can still spray your orchid once or twice a month, to hydrate its leaves and prevent them from drying out.

It’s also a good idea to wash the leaves regularly with a soft, damp cloth, to maintain a good level of hygiene. It’s also important to maintain the right level of humidity around your orchid by installing a humidifier.

Further tips for keeping your orchid healthy

Maintaining and caring for your orchid can be simplified with a few extra tips. First of all, it’s important to keep an eye on the condition of your orchids and their environment. Indeed, their health can deteriorate rapidly if their conditions are not optimal.

In addition, when you water your plant, it’s best to do so directly on the ground, rather than using a container. This prevents stagnant moisture from damaging the plant.

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In addition, a fertilization Proper fertilization is necessary to nourish the plant and enable it to flower properly. It’s important to find out the right doses to use and the best times to fertilize your orchid.

Finally, when you move your plant, do so with care to avoid any major shocks that could damage its roots.

Remember, too, that each variety of orchid has different requirements, and may need specific extra care to which you’ll need to adapt.

When it comes to watering your orchid over winter, it’s important to follow certain steps to ensure your plant thrives.

These astuces can certainly help you keep your orchid healthy in winter: maintain ambient humidity, avoid draughts, water at room temperature, don’t overwater and water regularly. By applying these tips, your orchid should get through the winter safely.

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