Why is it a good idea to put garlic on your orchid?


The orchid is a beautiful flowering plant that can be easily adapted to your interior décor. Sometimes, it can even look too good to be true!

If you’d like to give your orchid an extra push to reach its full potential, then this article is for you.

In the following lines, we’re going to share with you clever tips for put garlic on your orchid so it can enjoy optimum health.

What are the benefits of putting garlic on your orchid?

Putting garlic on your orchid offers a number of benefits. First of all, garlic is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. These nutrients can help protect your plant from disease and infection.

What’s more, the sulfur compounds in garlic can help promote root growth and development. Finally, garlic can also be used to repel pests and insects that could damage your orchid.

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When and how to apply garlic to your orchid?

Garlic can be applied directly or indirectly to your orchid. DirectlyYou can mix garlic powder with water and spray the solution directly onto the orchid’s leaves and roots. IndirectlyYou can scatter garlic granules around your plant to ward off insects and pests.

In this case, you need to replace the garlic granules every fortnight for optimum results. The application should be made in spring, before the flowers start to appear, as garlic is a slow-growing plant that needs time to work.

You can also apply garlic in late summer or early autumn to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

How much garlic should you use?

It’s important to understand that using garlic for your orchid is not a quick fix. In fact, it’s important not to overdo it, as too much garlic can kill the roots and damage the plant.

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Nevertheless, a small amount can be a great benefit to your orchid’s health, fighting pests and providing a nutritious supplement.

For the safest and most effective use of garlic, you should follow a certain dosage. It is recommended to use 2 cloves of fresh garlic per gallon of water. You can also use garlic powders or oils and apply 1/8 teaspoon per gallon of water.

  • 2 cloves fresh garlic per gallon of water
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder or oil per gallon of water

You should also be careful about doses when applying garlic directly to your orchid. One clove for a full-grown plant should be enough, while for a smaller plant you only need a few pieces.

How to care for your orchid after applying garlic?

After applying garlic to your orchid, you need to take a few extra steps to ensure its health. One of the most important things to do is to ensure that the orchid receives sufficient water.

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Depending on the specific needs of each type of orchid, it’s important to water the plant well and make sure it doesn’t get too dry or too wet.

In addition, to maintain optimum growth, your orchids will need good exposure to sunlight. If you notice that the plant is exposed to insufficient light, you may need to move the plant to a sunnier area.

You should also monitor humidity levels and make sure they are sufficient for your orchid’s specific needs. Finally, fertilizing your orchid regularly with a fertilizer suited to its specific needs will also contribute to its healthy development.

Adding garlic to your orchid can be an excellent way of protecting it from pests and diseases.

Visit clever tips described above will give you ideas on how best to do this. Be sure to follow the instructions correctly to avoid any problems and enjoy the benefits for your orchid.

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