Brain teaser: find the missing numbers in this pyramid in under 20 seconds


Today, we’re going to take you into this puzzle in which you have to find the missing numbers in the pyramid.

This puzzle has been specially designed to sharpen your analytical skills, as well as your ability to think strategically and creatively.

It’s also perfect for testing your concentration, as you have exactly 20 seconds to find the right answer.

Brain teaser presentation: find the missing numbers

Puzzle of the day can be solved without difficulty by the mathematically gifted. However, individuals with a keen mind and a penchant for mathematical equations and reasoning will also be able to unravel it with ease.

This puzzle features a pyramid of numbers where each block is linked by a mysterious equation. Your task is to solve the equations by replacing the question marks with the missing numbers.

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Although this mathematical challenge looks simple at first glance, don’t be fooled by appearances.

To solve this numerical puzzle in under 20 seconds, you’ll need good analytical skills and excellent powers of observation.

Solving this mathematical puzzle may seem like fun to you, but it’s an exercise designed to stimulate cognitive functions while encouraging your brain to work.

This kind of challenge can also help you keep your mind in shape. It also improves logical thinking, critical reflection, memory and concentration.

It’s also a perfect way to entertain yourself if you’re bored. Its resolution helps to refresh your mind while giving you a well-deserved break from monotony.

Unraveling this challenging mathematical riddle will give you a fun and rewarding time. Before you start, set your stopwatch so as not to exceed the time limit of 20 seconds.

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Numerical puzzle: answer to the “find the missing numbers” riddle

The 20 seconds are up! Have you managed to work out the logic of the equations to solve this puzzle? If you haven’t, we’ll give you the solution to this numerical challenge. Also, if you need help understanding the answer, you can look at the image below.

To solve this numerical puzzle, you’ll need to use mathematical equations and formulas. The latter will enable you to define the order in which you need to fill the block on the pyramid.

Indeed, many puzzles are complex, partly due to intuitive human error.

To find the right answer, start by filling in the blocks at the bottom of the pyramid, then work your way up to the top: 3 + 2=5; 2 + 6=8; 6 + 1=7; 5 + 8=13; 8 + 7=15; 13 + 15=28.

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