Harvesting cherries: tips and signs for choosing the right time and picking them when ripe

Récolte des cerises : astuces et signes pour choisir le bon moment et les cueillir à maturité

Ah, cherries! Those succulent red gems that conjure up memories of sweet summers and homemade pies.

But before these delights find their way onto our plates, there’s a critical moment: the harvest. Picking cherries is not a task to be taken lightly, as ideal timing is the key to perfectly ripe, tasty fruit.

In this articlewe delve into the art of cherry harvesting, providing you with tried-and-tested tips and deciphering the subtle signs that nature offers us to determine the best time to harvest these ruby pearls.

Whether you’re a gardener amateur or seasoned professional, get ready to enrich your know-how and turn each cherry into an unforgettable gustatory treasure.

Recognizing the ripeness of cherries: signs and clues

Identifying appropriate maturity of cherries is crucial to ensure a quality harvest. Key indicators include deep, uniform color, which varies by variety from bright red to deep purple.

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A firm but slightly supple texture also suggests that the fruit is ready. The attachment should be green and resistant, indicating that the cherry is still fresh. Another clue is the sweet aroma characteristic of ripe fruit. It is vital to avoid relying on size alone, as it is not a reliable marker of ripeness.

Harvest calendar: optimal periods for different varieties

The cherry harvesting period varies greatly depending on the variety. variety and climate. Early cherries can be picked as early as the end of May, while late varieties ripen towards the end of summer.

For example, ‘Burlat’, one of the first on the market, is usually ready in May, while ‘Summit’ or ‘Reverchon’ have to wait until July. It’s essential to follow the local calendar and watch for signs of ripening to ensure an abundant, high-quality harvest.

Picking techniques: preserving fruit quality and freshness

Cherry picking is a delicate process that requires care and attention. For maintain quality and freshnessIt’s essential to adopt the right methods. Use both hands to avoid injuring the fruit: one hand holds the branch while the other gently detaches the cherries by their stalks.

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Take care not to compress the fruit to avoid bruising. Tools such as a ladder will be useful for reaching cherries high up without damaging the tree. Here are some key steps:

  • Wear thin gloves to protect both your hands and the fruit.
  • Harvest with the stalk to prolong freshness.
  • Place fruit immediately in an aerated basket or crate.

Post-harvest storage: how to keep your cherries tasty

To maintain tasty freshness Once picked, cherries need to be stored with particular care. It is essential to store them quickly in the refrigeratorideally in a vegetable compartment, at a temperature between 0°C and 4°C.

High relative humidity also helps prevent the fruit from drying out. For a longer shelf life, cherries can be pitted and frozen, or stored in vacuum-sealed containers. To reduce the risk of mold, avoid washing the fruit before storing.

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Optimize cherry harvesting

Seizing the ideal moment to harvest cherries is essential to enjoy their full flavor and freshness. These tips will help you identify the natural clues that indicate the perfect ripeness of the fruit.

By carefully scrutinizing color, touch and even smell, you can accurately determine when cherries are ready to be picked. The importance of timely picking for optimum quality should not be underestimated.

As the harvesting period is relatively short, applying these tips can make all the difference. Using the right tools, such as baskets or ladders, and following gentle methods to avoid damaging the fruit, all contribute to a successful harvest.

In short, patience and observation are essential to enjoy cherries. delicious and juicy. Every gesture counts to ensure that this much-appreciated fruit can be eaten at its best or used in a variety of culinary preparations.

The know-how acquired through these tips is a precious asset for any amateur or professional wishing to master the art of cherry harvesting.

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