IQ test: are you perceptive enough to find out the value of animals in less than 60 seconds?


You must have excellent reasoning, a good sense of logic and exceptional analytical skills to discover the solution to this puzzle, a riddle that involves finding the value of animals.

In this number, expect an extraordinary mental experience. If you think you’ve got what it takes this test IQ test, all you have to do is take the plunge. Our advice: be ready to open your eyes, analyze and decipher every detail of the image.

Solve the arithmetic puzzle: find out what awaits you

In this puzzle you have a visual riddle and an arithmetic challenge. In the picture, you can clearly see 4 operations adding and multiplying animal heads.

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These animals correspond to numbers or natural integers that need to be determined.


You need to identify which number is assigned to the pig, the cow and the dog. This will enable you to calculate and give the answer to the last operation.

You only have 60 seconds to do all this. So keep your eyes open and think carefully so you don’t make any mistakes in your calculations.

Practising puzzles and riddles: a good way of working your brain

If you can figure out how to solve these operations, you’ll have won everything. On the one hand, you’ll have had the opportunity to enjoy yourself between two tasks. On the other, you’ll have had the chance to stimulate your cognitive abilities.

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Trying to find the solution to this IQ test will have trained your brain to reason more creatively, analytically and strategically.

What’s more, pushing your mental abilities has the effect of improving your memory. It boosts concentration and sharpens your problem-solving skills, both on paper and in everyday life.

Riddle solution: were you able to determine the value of each animal?

To pass this IQ test, you needed a good sense of observation and logic. These are your main weapons in determining the value of each animal. You also need a good grounding in mathematics and arithmetic. This will enable you to make calculations with unknowns.

Proceed animal by animal. Give them a preliminary value according to your calculations. Record each value and use it to solve the final equation. Normally, the answer should be 23.

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If you’ve managed to decipher each equation in the minute allotted, you can congratulate yourself. If not, just tell yourself that you’ve had fun and pushed your reasoning to the limit as best you could. But you can do better next time by practicing our other puzzles.

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