Logic challenge: Are you a genius? Prove it by finding the 3-digit code in under 30 seconds!


Logic tests are a captivating form of mental gymnastics, often used to stimulate the mind and assess cognitive abilities.

These challenges, popular with puzzle enthusiasts, are proving to be rewarding pastimes that can also reveal problem-solving skills.

These days, they’re spreading like wildfire on social networks, attracting a growing community of fervent followers.

Today, we present a puzzle the 3-digit code. You’re presented with an enigmatic image, showing five incorrect combinations, each of which reveals valuable clues to deciphering the mystery code. Can you rise to the challenge?

Logic challenge: Are you a genius? Prove it by finding the 3-digit code in under 30 seconds!
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Challenge rules: Find the 3-digit code

To triumph in this puzzle, you’ll need to pay close attention at all times. Concentration is the key to deciphering the mysterious code before you.

Every attempt must be a careful analysis of the clues given. You need to scrutinize the colored dots that follow each of the suggested combinations.

These dots are not there by chance; they are your guides to victory.

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A white dot indicates that a digit is incorrect and does not belong to the secret combination. A yellow dot, tells you that you have found a correct but incorrectly positioned number, while thea green dot celebrates the exact placement of a number in this numerical puzzle.

Don’t take this challenge lightly – difficulty is definitely present, and is clearly indicated by the difficulty slider on the picture accompanying the puzzle. Only the most perspicacious and patient will manage to align the 3 sacred numbers that will open the doors to success. Good luck, everyone!

Please note that the colored dots are not arranged in any predetermined order. You have 30 seconds to decipher the code or complete the challenge. Be alert and quick to succeed in time!

Dear enigmatic friends, today you’ll need your wits and cunning to decipher our riddle of the day. The code you’re looking for is hidden behind a series of logical reflections. It’s essential to stimulate your critical thinking and deductive skills to uncover it.

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Brain training is not just a fun exercise, it forges the intellectual agility needed to solve complex problems in everyday life. Like muscles, which need regular training to stay in shape,

your brain needs challenges to keep it sharp and improve its cognitive performance. Good luck!

Dear participants, your patience will soon be rewarded as we’re about to reveal today’s code. We’ve come up with an exciting challenge that’s sure to stimulate your mind.

As you scan the image presented, you’ll have noticed the bright numbers, each tinged with a different color. These chromatic indications are the key to deciphering the mystery code. Now that the crucial moment has arrived, get ready to discover whether your visual acuity and perceptiveness have led you to the right combination.

Countdown to discovery

Our warmest congratulations to those who managed to unravel this puzzle in less than thirty seconds. Your speed and skill are to be commended!

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The code to find is: 872


For the rest of you, don’t lose heart; every challenge is an opportunity to sharpen your detective skills. No matter how long it takes, the important thing is perseverance and the pleasure you find along the way. Well done, everyone!

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Your appreciation and commitment are important to us. By sharing on social networks, you’re not just spreading the fun; you’re also showing your support for the hard work we do.

We look forward to seeing our community grow through your gestures of sharing. Spread the joy by inviting others to take up the challenge!

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