Logic challenge: Boost your IQ by finding out which container will fill up first!


Welcome to the universe of logic challengesa trend that captivates thousands of curious minds around the world.

These visual puzzlesshared on social networks and online forums, stimulate our brains while offering us an entertaining break from the daily grind.

Today, we offer you a test which will test your ability to anticipate and analyze: in front of you is an enigmatic image made up of containers connected by a complex network of pipes, some blocked by corks.

Logic challenge: boost your IQ by finding out which container will fill up first!

Your mission? Decide which container will fill up first. Ready for the challenge? May logic be with you!

Take the challenge: Which container will be full first?

Look carefully at the picture and concentrate on finding out which container will fill up first. Analyze each connection between the containers and use your wits, as traps are often hidden in these visual puzzles.

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Appearances can be deceiving, and a seemingly straightforward path could be interrupted by a hidden obstacle.

To assess the complexity of the challenge, take a look at the difficulty slider on the image. This will give you an idea of the level of challenge you need to anticipate before submitting your answer.

The benefits of logic tests and math puzzles

Solving logic tests or mathematical puzzles is more than just a hobby; it’s a brain exercise that stimulates critical thinking and intellectual agility. Although these activities may reflect a certain measure of IQ, their value transcends the framework of intelligence tests.

They sharpen the mind for everyday challenges, such as problem-solving, rapid decision-making and analytical reasoning.

The ability to decipher complex problems can translate into better management of everyday situations, making these puzzles much more than a simple display of intellect.

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Solving the puzzle

It’s clear from the popularity of these intellectual tests that puzzle-solving has become a way of life for mystery lovers.

This kind of challenge stimulates the mind, sharpens insight and offers an undeniable sense of satisfaction when one succeeds in unravelling the threads of complex thought.

Brain-teasing puzzles like this one continue to grow in popularity, inviting everyone to plunge into abysses of thought. For those of you who have cleverly thwarted this exercise, congratulations on your acuity! As for the rest of you, don’t be discouraged; every puzzle is a new opportunity to shine.

The solution is: 8


Our congratulations go out to those who have deciphered this enigma with brio. And for those who are still mulling over the clues, remember that every unsolved problem is only a future opportunity for triumph.

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Keep sharpening your neurons by tackling other challenges on our website. The human mind never stops growing in the face of challenges, so keep feeding it with mysteries to solve!

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