Logic challenge: Put your IQ to the test and find the 4-digit code in under 40 seconds!


Today we challenge you to challenge to find the code behind our puzzle of the day. You’ll be presented with a mysterious image featuring five four-digit combinations, all of which are incorrect, but all of which contain crucial clues to deciphering the winning sequence.

Logic tests like this one stimulate the mind and sharpen our powers of deduction. In our digital world, these captivating challenges are spreading fast on social networks, attracting an ever-growing audience in search of a daily riddle. Will you be able to analyze the clues and find the code?

To find out the challenge and decipher the mysterious four-digit code, acute concentration and meticulous observation are essential. Each code attempt is a valuable clue to the winning combination, provided you decode the given signals correctly.

These clues are represented by dots of different colors which accompany each attempt: they are the key to understanding which are the mistakes and which are the right moves.

Without a thorough analysis of these coloured answers, you risk missing the correct code, going round in circles in a maze of numbers.

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Logic challenge: Put your IQ to the test and find the 4-digit code in under 40 seconds!
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Challenge rules

To triumph in this quest for numbers, you must first grasp the meaning of the colored dots.

A white dot indicates that a proposed digit is not included in the final code. A yellow dot indicates that a number is correct but incorrectly positioned.

As for the green dot, it confirms that the number is both correct and well placed. It is essential to use these cues after each attempt to adjust subsequent choices.

The level of difficulty is not to be underestimated: one look at the difficulty slider on the image is enough to see that this puzzle is for the most perceptive and patient minds.

Caution! Be sure to observe the colored dots, as they are not positioned in a predefined order.

You only have 40 seconds to decipher the code or complete the challenge. Use your speed and discernment to align the colors correctly and find the solution in time.

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Today, a new challenge awaits you: decipher the mystery code hidden in today’s riddle. This exercise is more than just a game; it’s an invitation to sharpen your logical mind and activate the gears of your analytical thinking.

Like any muscle in your body, the brain requires regular training to maintain its alertness and ability to solve complex problems.

By confronting your mind with logical puzzles, you strengthen your cognitive skills, sharpen your reasoning and cultivate a mental agility invaluable in all spheres of daily life.

The key to the mystery revealed

Dear participants, your patience is about to be rewarded as we are about to reveal the long-awaited code of the day.

We know it’s been an exciting wait, and that you can’t wait to test your hypotheses. The solution lies in the image we’ve carefully prepared for you.

the code to find: 7486


Look closely, the numbers in the code are colored to guide you to the answer. For those of you who managed to decipher the code in less than 40 seconds, we’d like to congratulate you on your insight and speed!

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We hope this challenge has stimulated your mind and brought you as much pleasure in solving it as we had in creating it for you. Keep up the good work and stay sharp for the challenges to come. We look forward to presenting you with the next puzzles!

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